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A short and interesting take on what principal component analysis does and how it's applied

Found an interesting to choices for figures and such, especially in publications it can be tricky to make decent choices in this regard. Check it out

At the start of this project we decided to conduct the experiments in , since all competing approaches are implemented in it. Once things quiet down a bit, I'll rewrite all of this in and offer that version too so _maybe_ this vicious cylce can be broken. Here's hoping...

The lack of decent benchmark data sets for data stream analyis led me to this point: staring at time ordered distribution plots of sensor readings. Whoever stated in a research paper that the human brain is great at recognizing patterns, contact me - I'd like to donate my brain to your research after my departure, it'll undo your world! 😁

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The pattern for a great morning:
- wake up with not enough sleep
- grind coffee beans
- notice you have no filters left
3 hours later that coffee finally happened. Jeez

Finally ready to run some experiments on a cluster we have access to, but then it turns out the cluster is running an old version of . Well, time to go ironically hang myself...

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