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As people are squeezed and poorer and poorer they're forced to work for lower and lower wages.

And billionaires get even richer.

The OSHA dishwasher loading compliance officer has already started work on her busiest day of the year

Happy Thanksgiving! Today's show is music to cook by, eat by, and enjoy! Nicole Sandler’s Thanksgiving Music Show

This year on Thanksgiving, please spare a thought for our friends in Ukraine who are sitting in the dark without heat and under missile fire.


Elon Musk appears to exclusively engage with white nationalists. Here he is engaging in what appears to be a QAnon style conspiracy theory linking “pedo accounts” to “Antifa Twitter.” WTF?!


SARS-CoV-2 Infection Risk 

Many questions about #covid have been answered by #science as described in academic papers freely available to the public. I’ve read lots of them. We know this #virus is highly transmissible, rapidly mutating to evade our immune defenses. We know it causes long-term health problems in >10% of those infected, with >1/2 of that risk remaining for those (like me, 4x Moderna) who had the #vaccine. We know that an #N95 substantially cuts the risk of infection. (🧵 1/2)

@dcjohnson True. Politicians and people kept believing that business would continue helping society, but in reality once the brakes were taken off we saw that there are no limits to how greedy companies can be. In addition to removing tax dollars for infrastructure and health, companies realized they could pollute up to the regulation limits with impunity. Their political buddies kept making it easier to extract and hoard wealth. The politicians are rarely the smart ones in the room.

When you hear about the "cost" of investing in public infrastructure or protecting the public from things like the , please ask about the cost of NOT doing it.

@dgbassani People want to see China fail, because that would confirm the idea that nothing could be done to stop Covid. Except that if everyone would have done what China did for at least half a year, we would probably no longer have Covid.

Also note the angle of western media on the news of recent surge in cases. Economy suffers. Not people, just money.

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News about COVID cases in China are not good, but the constant criticism of their efforts to contain infections is tiring. They have orders of magnitude lower infection rates than most countries, and the cumulative rate of infections (the area under each curve below) is nowhere near other countries.

It was the Tory government that created the catastrophe of the privatised water industry. It behoves the Tory government to clear up the mess.

When they pledge to ‘plant a tree,’ tell them you prefer they ‘protect a forest.’

It’s thanksgiving morning and the Santa Ana winds are already howling here in Orange County. Hope this doesn’t lead to any wildfires…

I was just informed by Twitter that this does not violate their safety policy. Now you know why I, like so many others, are looking at other options.

@dcjohnson True. Here's my nutshell. Historically after WWII there was an agreement between workers, business and government to grow the economy and share the prosperity. When Reagan, Thatcher and Mulrooney took over politics in the 1980s there was a massive shift in taxation and labour strategies that allowed business to have #extremegreed and drain bargaining power from unions. The final step was offshoring manufacturing, allowing globalized profiteering and tax dodging, and disabling workers.

After @ChadLoder tweeted about a massive data breach on #Twitter this evening #ElonMusk suspended him on that platform. I took these screenshots just now from the web as I am currently suspended from Twitter for an alleged violation but I'm trying to get the word out. This is a NEW breach. Elon looks like he may be in big dodo! #FTC #DataBreach #ChadLoder #TwitterDataBreach

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