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@mobileharv I don’t have any data to back up this hunch but I’m willing to bet the outrageous size of consumer vehicles in the states plays some part in fatalities too.

Traffic deaths are rising in US while falling in other countries. Why? Other countries design transportation systems where human emotion and error are less likely to produce deadly results. In contrast, the US prioritizes speed over safety, and people inside vehicles over those outside.

“We know what the problem is, we know what the solution is,” said Caron Whitaker of the League of American Bicyclists. “We just don’t have the political will to do it.”

Beautiful illustration of where people are concentrated.

If you squint, you can see Australia and New Zealand.

“The password is ‘Mask’.”
Seriously though the combination of pushing the idea that school buildings are magically immune from the laws of airborne viruses plus deriding masks as ineffective based solely on unscientific personal vibes and beliefs is getting A LOT of ppl sick RN.

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sure sex is great but have you ever waved goodbye to houseguests

Republicans say they are patriotic while trying to overthrow the US government

Republicans say they are pro-police while beating police with “blue lives matter” flagpoles

Republicans say they are good for the economy while destroying the economy

Marketing works. People believe them rather than their own lying eyes.

As right-wing extremists are re-platformed everywhere from Twitter to Mar-a-Lago, it’s more important than ever that we hold our journalists, researchers, & others to high standards of accountability when it comes to reporting on extremism and extremists. We need journalists who will tell us the truth, not stake out a position in the middle of two unequal sides. I keep coming back to this quote about reporting on the weather, but it was missing something — so I modified it to make it complete.

Yes. Wouldn’t it be great if all mass shooting reporting included the politicians representing that area and a record of their votes related to gun safety?! I would subscribe to papers that included that very important and pertinent information.

So, the European Union has set up its own Mastodon instance, EU Voice, as an official channel/platform for all its many institutions - what a great initiative
#TwitterMigration #europe #Diplomacy #Transparency

The larger the number of representatives attending, the more fruitful their efforts may be to curb progress and encourage actions that support their own interests

The involvement of major fossil fuel powers in the COP27 and COP28 conferences is leading environmentalists to question whether this is just another case of greenwashing at the international scale

#ClimateEmergency #pollution #ecology #environment #ClimateCrisis #ClimateCatastrophe
#ClimateChange #Climate

And to everyone who hears something about Hunter Biden during their dinner, ask how investigating Hunter Biden will help with inflation, the southern border, immigration... you know what Republicans campaigned on during the midterms?

@dcjohnson Its the other. The other is responsible for all your turmoil. You couldn't possibly be responsible for your troubles. I has to be someone else. Them. They did it. If we get rid of them all our problems go away. This is not the first time our species has encountered this monster. It seems to be cyclical. Building as resentment as society progresses. Eventually coming to a head every 80 years or so.

Republicans made "crime" the key election issue again.

I'm so old I remember that "crime" has meant "black people' since at least Nixon.

5. The key part is Mastodon is part of an open protocol and not a corporation seeking to extract money from you by mining your network

Tumblr says it is going to adopt the same protocol so people on Tumblr can follow Mastodon accounts

It makes social networking more like email

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@dcjohnson Now they are about performative rage for social media views, except that inspires acts of domestic terrorism and mass murder.

Reagan was when the Republicans figured out that elections were about appearances rather than policies.

Make the public think they're voting for the Marlboro Man, and you can sneak through your tax cuts and privatization before the marks catch on.

Rhey haven't been about policy since. Just appearance. Dukakis looked funny in a tank.

Trump’s explanation for having dinner with white supremacist Nick Fuentes is the same explanation he used when he refused to condemn white supremacist David Duke

New rule: I block people who refer to the pandemic in the past tense.

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