UPDATE: The Supreme Court just denied the execution stay for Kevin Johnson. Two justices, Sotomayor and Jackson, noted publicly they would have granted it.

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Missouri officials want to kill Kevin Johnson tomorrow — despite a special prosecutor finding that racism affected the prosecution & sentencing. He and Johnson are seeking a stay of execution from the Missouri Supreme Court. Arguments were today. Law Dork: lawdork.com/p/missouri-wants-t

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Twitter's former site integrity chief Yoel Roth reflects on his last few weeks at the company in an interview with Kara Swisher, talking about his dealings with Elon Musk and the "disaster" that was the paid verification rollout he tried to warn about:

"Why ELSE would a democratic government of We the People have written legislation creating these agreements that create entities called corporations?

The implications of this are enormous, once we understand this basic thing: what a corporation really is and, especially, why we passed laws enabling them. We did this to benefit us – We the People."


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This is SO important. Most people misunderstand what a corporation is. This misunderstanding allows corporate executives to run rampant over our democracy.

Please read 'Understanding What a Corporation Actually Is Can Help Restore Democracy'


Today’s assignment:

Text all your contacts-


Then turn your phone off.

1. The nation's 100K+ rail workers get ZERO paid sick days

They want FOUR

And are threatening to strike December 9

In response, corporate America is demanding Congress intervene and force them to continue working without any paid sick days


BREAKING: Cuban government condemned internationally for "despicable" plan to distribute free ice cream.

Twitter is now officially stating that misinformation is welcome on its site.

Twitter is no longer enforcing its Covid-19 misinformation policy, per this message on its transparency site transparency.twitter.com/en/re

It's not bad enough that China's dynamic zero is challenged by variants that are incubated in other countries, but the West is trying to drag them down into the same hell they are in with long COVID affecting economies around the world.

So today the IMF chief is being reported to advocate for China to change their policy for economic reasons -- totally counter to IMF research division analysis that short time costs are recovered quickly by prevention of long time costs.

Barely a week of #Mastodon and I realize how the "interest" based algorithms of big tech are actually ruining us experiencing #SocialMedia. The diverse content that I saw here in a week and the ways of engagement are nothing short of amazing.

#Fediverse is the closest we have of a cross cultural people driven internet and we need to make sure it sustains.

Also they believe that gold is "money" and that paying off the country's debt would be good for the economy.

(The national debt measures how much "money" the govt has put into the economy.)

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Republicans I know are very invested in certain beliefs. They believe there is an actual organization called "antifa"; that there is actually "communism" somewhere and "communists" here, etc.

How long until everyone believes Musk "invented" Twitter?

FYI Musk didn't start Tesla and didn't do any engineering for SpaceX.

NEWSMAX just popped up in my feed.

It was my first BLOCK since starting here.

More info on use in #China Chinese social media users are flocking to the decentralised Mastodon platform to find community amid crackdown at home | South China Morning Post


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