This is SO important. Most people misunderstand what a corporation is. This misunderstanding allows corporate executives to run rampant over our democracy.

Please read 'Understanding What a Corporation Actually Is Can Help Restore Democracy'

"Why ELSE would a democratic government of We the People have written legislation creating these agreements that create entities called corporations?

The implications of this are enormous, once we understand this basic thing: what a corporation really is and, especially, why we passed laws enabling them. We did this to benefit us – We the People."

@dcjohnson Thank you for this!!! I've railed about this for years and still so many don't understand. For example how many people understand that libraries, museums, orchestras, etc are mostly ALL corporations - non-profit corporations. Or take the example of Patagonia, another corporation doing great things. I could go on and on but you already get it so I won't.

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