Gotta say it. Today I am finding Mastadon more interesting than Twitter. Twitter seems stale, always reacting to the right, etc...

I have set up good lists. Makes a huge difference. I can check , , , and filter out noise.

Recommend: Click the Federated Timeline and discover interesting new people to follow. Local timeline is you server only.


Hi Dave. I think I agree! What are the lists, and how do they work please?

@SeanMMedia When you follow someone (or later) click the three dots on the right, then "Add to or remove from lists."

Make up some list names and dd them.

Later click that list name and you see all the posts from people on the list as then happen.


Right, right, right, yes! Thanks. I've found out it's like a themed 'club' where you can filter the type of chat... Useful! 😄

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