Have you heard that lithium mining for batteries is bad for the environment?

Oil & coal company surrogates who tell you that stuff don't mention that each lithium mine closes several coal mines and oil wells FOREVER.

When you make a lithium battery is lasts a long time and is then recycled. When you mine coal or drill oil it is burned and gone and the carbon that puts in the air is destroying the environment for decades and decades.

@dcjohnson I like to share this visualization of the relative impact of fossil fuel use and lithium mining.

I'll also note that most of the "lithium mine" photos circulating on social media are not in fact lithium mines.

@dcjohnson and as we all know, oil wells and coal mines are basically paradise-like sustainable spas.

@dcjohnson: Yes, and there is also a movement to make batteries less necessary for newer microcontrollers that use less power and can run the same software, such as with capacitors

@dcjohnson: long-term i think there should be a move away from lithium into more energy dense iron-air batteries, or something entirely different

@dcjohnson There are some great stories about lithium mining, and recycling, in season 1 of the How We Survive podcast

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