Right-wingers blew up three power plants in South Carolina.

The ex-President called for termination of the Constitution.

You'd think those would be pretty big stories.

A discussion of the First Amendment, A Russian Propaganda technique, Nazis, and Elon Musk. In other words, some light reading (haha) 

@Teri_Kanefield Let's not forget the idea posited by Musk and likeminded free-speechers that all speech is of equal value and competes equally in the marketplace of ideas, with the best ideas rising to the top and the others falling to the bottom. That has never resulted in a good outcome, as it is the most outrageous ideas that get all the attention.

A discussion of the First Amendment, A Russian Propaganda technique, Nazis, and Elon Musk. In other words, some light reading (haha) 

. Instead, he jams the signals by releasing lots of noise.

Instead of silencing dissenting voices, they use a megaphone to drown them out.

The idea is to declare that all viewpoints are entitled to equal time. This elevates lies and puts them on a platform alongside the truth.

It creates confusion, which has the effect of destroying factuality.


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A discussion of the First Amendment, A Russian Propaganda technique, Nazis, and Elon Musk. In other words, some light reading (haha) 

News: Twitter reinstated the account of Andrew Anglin, editor of the neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer. His account was suspended nearly a decade ago. (Reported by Shayan Sardarizadeh with the BBC and confirmed by me.)

A propaganda technique perfected by Putin is known as Noise.

The propagandist does not shut down dissenting voices. . .


As of today, if you were to lay every Mastodon user end-to-end around the earth, millions of them would drown


Realizing that is the path for understanding what has happened to us. The idea that the funds that are supposed to be used to operate a corporation can be used to influence the public and government is in direct opposition to logic and sense.

I have written a couple of relevant things from my point of view.


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If you approach the problem by asking what a country supposedly led by "We the People" would set up, you can see the problem. Would any legislative system that supposedly represents the interests of the public ever set up laws allowing these entities to operate as they are operating? Of course not.


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As I see it the problem is that the public and elites have been led into a misunderstanding of what a corporation is and what it is FOR. And because of that misunderstanding corporate governance has been allowed to deteriorate into a playground for the wealthy to use their corporations as weapons against us. /1

@SocraticEthics at what point will we have a moment-appropriate equivalent of the McCarthy hearings, uncovering Russian infiltration into our government? The amount of people being bribed / blackmailed is astonishing.... Sure, the Russians have worked to align to the cultural fault lines of western society (fear of immigration, white and Christian fear of replacement, etc) ... But that only takes you so far...

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People are slowly, very slowly, coming to the realization that any system in which "More people have jobs" and "Wages went up" are treated as bad news is a deeply, irrevocably broken system. twitter.com/kaileyleinz/status

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@dcjohnson Capitalism, even in the short term, is entirely dependent on extremely high top tax rates.

Paid sick leave is a slippery slope to all kinds of expensive things - paid maternity leave, paid healthcare, paid pensions, paid jobs. Where does it end

@dcjohnson another aspect that people seem to be forgetting is that the MAGA world is fully convinced that pics of Hunter's dick was going to sway votes but pics of Melania's tits wouldn't.

I really don't get the logic.

Not to forget their cruelty.
Who does that to a recovering addict?!?
My 2 cents; they want Hunter to fail again, with preferably an overdose so President Biden loses another son and won't run again.
They know damm well there's nothing there.
Cruelty is all they care about.

@dcjohnson Precisely. The rich paid a tax equivalent by investing in the economy, in contrast with today, where the tax they avoid can be withdrawn from the economy.

Musk has become like TFG, he makes a claim on Twitter & we all have to fact check it.
Today he thanked advertisers for coming back. Which ones? How many? What was their Ad buy? How many more left? Who's providing the data? Him? Is it AUDITED? #thefowlsite #twitter #Musk

Hey UK friends. 12 years of Tories and everything is broken and defunded.

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