✅ New Apple Watch

Still sad that we don't have the stainless steel, LTE version in Belgium.

Try out a new podcast. You can learn something new or just enjoy having someone tell you a story.

Picture of the day:
Today we had a workshop in a nearby park. The weather wasn't great but I really like the colors the light offered.

It's so great to see our Belgian national men's soccer team playing again after that wonderful World Championships campaign. 🇧🇪

Man y'all ever think about how incredibly stupid it is that the internet is almost entirely financed by advertising. Like, imagine if busses were only paid for using the revenue from bus ads. And if not enough people looked at the ads for Target or a legal firm specializing in slip-and-falls, then their bus route stopped existing. How stupid would that be. That's basically what we're doing right now, but with online.

Disabled the bridge between Bird Site and . I'm gonna try and keep this one in English. Might be better, considering the people I'm following in the .

Deze opt-out lijkt me niet geheel GDPR-proof, @proximus@twitter.com. (Op de prepaid-registration-pagina.)

Lees deze alinea van HLN vandaag.

Lees 'm nog eens.

Doe eens grondig van "begrijpend lezen".

Is er een theorie? Is die bewezen? Wat zijn de oorzaken?

En zo krijg je dus van die makkelijke beweringen die blijven plakken.

Op de blog: An Oral History of ‘GoldenEye 007’ on the N64 ift.tt/2N87p0O

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Would you make someone else work as hard as you are working right now? Be kind to yourself.

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