#solidarity against #fascism
from #berlin to #brazil


Sa, 20. Oktober 2018 15:00 CEST rally at german chancellery berlin against fascism in brazil // kundgebung gegen faschismus in brasilien vor bundeskanzler_innenamt berlin

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I remember when I was young and naive and thought that for some reason IMHO was some kind of weird laugh with a snort in the end.

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I'm really sorry I wasn't able to reply to everyone. I'm having problems with my internet

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incomplete list of names I call the baby:

1. chicken (chicken butt, chicken nugget,etc)
2. Nomster
3. Baby girl
4. Goober gut
5. Sweetness
6. Cornwad
37. Her real name

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Aaaaaaaah my beautiful, beautiful tooters. I missed you so much. <3

my favorite thing about living in florida is when a whole room quickly and casually goes "ooohhh" after thunder rumbles before immediately continuing what they were doing seamlessly

Am I paranoic? Well, there are fucking people threatening me as a "joke." "You better get used to it" is what they write in posts condemning torture or signaling the risk of enabling a man who plays with the idea of genocide to get more followers. If I weren't afraid, I would be out of my fucking mind!

So, in case a dictatorship really happens, I'm thinking about moving to Chile, at least for now, I could totally live a similar life there. But I would be in Chile, which is nice. Europe is far too expensive for me.

Is Chile ok? How are we with Chile?

How is the guy plotting to overthrow the government in my country not arrested yet? Because he has the support of the bourgeoisie and many Christians.

Dictatorship? How? Well, my gringo friends, the far right candidate has a lot of popular support, but not enough to win, so he is focusing on getting the support from people in places of power to overthrow the government if the left wing candidate get elected.

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