Having a (very) rare productive Monday morning:

☑️ dropped off kid at the bus
☑️ grocery shopping
☑️ quick 3.5 km trail run
☑️ got Streisand up and running
☑️ cleared out early-morning work emails

*rubs eyes*

Now I just need to pick up with figuring out if I want to bother with setting up my own Mastodon instance.


Already on my third coffee of the day. May be my favourite beverage, but I should not need this much just to make it through work.

Know what? App.net died, but I don't regret having been there. Met nice people that I wouldn't have otherwise and took part in a fun experiment. I want alternatives to the Big Social Networks to survive, of course, but fuck it regardless.

Not sure I understand the point of the "reserving a username" sentiment? It's only "reserved" for the particular instance on which you signed up, right?

Would like to create my own instance, but don't have the necessary ibuprofen to attempt that tonight.

Checking out the federated timeline right now gives me a feeling uncanny familiarity—echoes of joining the main room of a telnet talker 20 years ago.


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