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Yang Kaili, a 21yo Chinese live streamer had 44 million followers on one social media platform in #China. Did a playful rendition of Chinese National Anthem. #censorship

Result: Arrested, 5 days detention, banned from her social media platform, all her videos removed, social credit score damaged. Her livelihood is gone. Who has not done dumb moves?

If you live in China be very careful about your politics. Repercussions are severe. You should know this.


Sorting through The Federation (diaspora protocol), The Fediverse (OStatus protocol) and The ActivityWeb (ActivityPub protocol).

"A quick guide to The Free Network" | Sean Tilley | Sep. 23, 2017 at medium.com/we-distribute/a-qui

Design with Dialogue: Journeys to Systems Change session led by @redesign, sketched by @playthink @dwdTO. Prereading based on report on @si_exchange meeting at Wasan Island in June. (Lambert Lounge, OCADU, McCaul Street, Toronto, Ontario) 20181010



Cross-domain connections on Mastodon work well, as I had sent @antlerboy a link to mastodon.cloud/@daviding , and his profile is at mastodon.social/@antlerboy (from his having joined April 2017, as well). We'll see if more people come over.

On LinkedIn, I've tried to mention @bnys , but getting internal links to work with someone three-removed from me isn't working out too well.

"The federated web (Mastodon, Diaspora) and the systems thinking community" | David Ing | Oct. 10, 2018 at

Found an August 2018 article by @bnys that says, "Even though there’s a tool (at bridge.joinmastodon.org/) to help you find your Twitter friends on Mastodon, there aren't too many so far. My carefully curated list of follows on Twitter had to be thrown out too.
That only turned up a few hits for me, but is still worth trying.

Breadth with depth in courses MOOCs free on the Internet. Discovered curriculum while reading on Sustainable Development Goals paper and presentation.


Should an open (public) online discussion group espousing systems thinking be governed through (i) an open (public) group, or (ii) a private (closed or secret) discussion group?

More at "Open Systems Thinking, Online Discussion, Governance" | Sept. 2, 2018 at stream.syscoi.com/2018/09/02/o

Master’s course in at the UToronto School of Information, focused on methods (with theory mostly a deferred concern).

A reflection of course appears as “Eight infographics on Systems Methods (UToronto iSchool 2018)” at coevolving.com/blogs/index.php .

The course content is available as open access at coevolving.com/utoronto/201801 .

In Canada, "once acquired, citizenship is a right".
> “And because it is a right, you have to respect procedure fairness before revoking citizenship” [Montreal lawyer] Valaï said.
> ... the Conservative government liked to say that obtaining Canadian citizenship is a privilege, not a right. However, the ruling in May said that once acquired, citizenship is a right.
"Federal Court voids Canadian citizenship revocation for 312 people" | Tu Thanh Ha | July 12, 2017 | at tgam.ca/2tOBVlN


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