My FFConf talk "Capitalism, The Web, And You" is now available to watch. Enjoy?!

@paulvanbuuren Hey Paul πŸ™Œ Inderdaad toch ook mijn account maar weer eens afgestoft. Het blijft vooralsnog bij wat struinen maar wie weet :-) Victor volg ik indmiddels ook, thx

@vasilis I noticed the renewed interest as well.

I'm doing fine. Been skipping many conferences/meetups lately, but would love to meet up again some time!

@vasilis Ah: I'm just a big Mastodon Newb. Anyhow: nice to meet you here too :grin:

So this is really quite confusing. I'm on .cloud because .social was 'full', now .cloud is getting 500 errors… I can't (easily) follow .social users and they cannot see my Toots, right? Le sigh…

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