So this is really quite confusing. I'm on .cloud because .social was 'full', now .cloud is getting 500 errors… I can't (easily) follow .social users and they cannot see my Toots, right? Le sigh…

@davidhund at the moment is a lot of traffic, you must try it more often, so it goes...

@davidhund based on the frequency that I'm seeing admins toot that their servers are about to be restarted, I'm guessing that the only real benefit to one instance over another is reliability. I'm just watching the global channel since no instances seem to focus on my specific interests and I'm a native English speaker.

@vasilis Ah: I'm just a big Mastodon Newb. Anyhow: nice to meet you here too :grin:

@davidhund Very nice to meet you here! I haven’t done much here as well. Posted a few things a few months ago and forgot about it. And then I noticed a new interest in it on Twitter today, so here I am again.

How are you doing? Has been quite a long time we met

@vasilis I noticed the renewed interest as well.

I'm doing fine. Been skipping many conferences/meetups lately, but would love to meet up again some time!

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