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girls only want one thing

and it's walkable mixed use medium-density urbanism

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OK this is actually pretty incredible.

The Smithsonian making 4 million images public domain. CC0 means you don't need to give attribution, there's no copyright to worry about, no restrictions on using them in photoshops etc.

It's a huge move for open media for such a big name to be making such a large collection open like this. It's the kind of thing I never really thought we would see start to happen.


This week, I learned that old editions of MAD magazine are available for download from the Internet Archive. Happy dance!

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#cat succeeding in making my wife quite angry. She told me "come make your cat behave!". Had to take a pic before inviting him down. Useless, because of course he climbed back up 10 minutes later anyway. #catpics #blackcats

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January 1 1923 Toronto Daily Star: Mary Pickford wishes her Toronto friends a happy New Year.

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I cannot keep this to myself. There is a website (radio.garden) where you can listen to radio stations all over the world for free. No log in. No email address. Nothing.

When the site loads, you are looking at the globe. Slide the little white circle over the green dots (each green dot is a radio station) until you find one you like.

I have been listening to this station in the Netherlands and it absolutely slaps. I have no idea what they're saying but the music is fantastic.

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People are posting "2 sleeps till Christmas!" But really you can have as many sleeps as you want over the next 24 hours there's no rule

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Tom Lehrer has relinquished all rights to his music, and it's all available to download for free. I was lucky enough to take a class with Lehrer at UCSC many years ago. What a brilliant man. tomlehrersongs.com/

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Welcome to all joining Mastodon!

Helpful Links

From @jeffjarvis
“On Joining Mastodon…a guide to diving in”

From @jeffjarvis
“master class in Mastodon”

Fedi.Tips “An Unofficial Guide to Mastodon & the Fediverse”

From @djnavarro
Everything I know about Mastodon

(the importance of) Hashtags

“How to write an image description”

In Toronto, we are now officially in “wear boots with good treads when going out” season. We are also in “walk at the far edge of the sidewalk so as not to get splashed by drivers” season.

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Using #vim is easy once you learn a few basic keybindings.

h and l - move left and right
j and k - move down and up
η and λ - move backwards and forwards through time
ξ and κ - translation through additional temporal dimension (if applicable)
ᚻ, ᛄ, ᚳ and ᛚ - moving left, down, up, and right through celestial spheres
𐤄 and 𐤋 - switch deity to pantheon member to left or right
ᛄ - supplicate to chosen deity
ᚳ - challenge chosen deity (dangerous)
:q - exit

Nine days until December 21, when the days start getting longer. Hang in there! We can do this!

When I spot a car going too fast on a residential street, I sometimes wish I had a checkered flag to take out of my jacket pocket to wave at them.

This time of year, when the sun sets before five o’clock in Toronto, it’s hard to believe that the sun sets at 9 in other months. The evening darkness seems thick and oppressive. Walking anywhere becomes risky because of inattentive drivers.

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Mastodon Day

Friday November 18, 2022 - An Incredible Day In Internet History

You were here.

It started with the Twitter lockout. 10,000 new users an hour. Almost a quarter million migrated to Mastodon in one day. The servers struggled. Remarkably, admins all over the world built up capacity in real time. New users were patient. The system held.

It's running better now. There will be more hard days ahead, but people powered social media has arrived.

#twittermigration #NewUsers #Welcome


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