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now accepting links to songs that are more instantly unsettling than X files theme

any new instances that are popping off? anyone performed a successful switch? general thoughts a few weeks in? (i’m just lonely you know…)

A Bepis is a model of pager manufactured by NEC for the Japanese market from 1989 to 1999, the approximate time the cellphone began to penetrate Japan.

It never came to America due to extensive penetration by Motorola in that space.


how do i get a job scoring US kitchen nightmares in 2011

been too busy for mastodon lately - has it died like every take said it would?

A new logical fallacy for a logically fallible age: argumentum ex cacide!

Argument from xkcd.

Credit: @woozle

An Electron-based desktop app for Mastodon that lets you use multiple accounts

If you want 13 Reasons Why you shouldn’t watch Netflix’s high school drama you can’t look past the first 13 minutes

the best argument against the existence of a soul is stock photography

when a client pronounces “html” as “hotmail” take comfort in knowing they’re not long for this world

when a client asks you to “create a html” of a for-print PDF brochure, take comfort in the knowledge that they cannot be long for this world

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