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A reminder that when greed gets in the way, the pendulum of technology often swings away from serving the user, and towards walled gardens that restrict and manipulate us. Mastodon is one of the few recent instances I can think of a social service with *more* user freedom appearing.

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There was a point in the 2000s when I could open Gmail and IM almost any of my contacts via an interoperable, open source protocol with chat rooms. Everything since has been an enormous regression.

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Online radicalization is real. Years ago, I was just a fan of cats. Now, I am a virulent fundamentalist cat worshipper and partisan.

Dear websites of the world: if I was going to use your app I already would be. Bombarding me with pop ups urging me to download your app makes me less likely to ever do so.

I have long been a fan of the Thunderbird email client. After many years of struggling for resources in the shadow of big brother Firefox, they now are doing quite well in terms of donation revenue, under the semi-independent MZLA corporate structure. It's good to see them doing well, and I hope they can claw back marketshare in desktop email!

"This disconnect between our love of authenticity and the virtual world’s inability to provide an alternative isn’t resolved by owning tokens that barely even exist. Digital rarity is a pretense."

Current home screen, using AIO Launcher and a gradient background I made with an app called Gradi

I switched to @Tusky and I'm liking it!
Improvements over my previous app:
- up to date f-droid version
- way, way faster to load
- switches between dark and light mode with system

Dark mode is so good. Just satisfying to have my apps retheme according to the sun. These days I uninstall apps that don't support it

I look forward to playing Cyberpunk in 2 years when it's cheap. Until then I will keep playing through my enormous backlog of sale games

Shout out to all the people interested in random-ass, unexpected stuff, proving the elasticity of the human brain and whatnot

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