I really think Instagram is ripe to be disrupted, to use a cringey tech terminology. They are quite vulnerable right now when they're attempting to pivot to video again. They've alienated the entire community of photographers they cultivated there in the process by trying to force them to make Reels. This could be a great moment for Pixelfed if they seized the opportunity.

Manifest V3 is a perfect example of why Google is not a good-faith steward of the Chromium project, and why I stick to Firefox-based browsers.

Doing remote tech support on my mom's Bluetooth toothbrush. These Black Mirror plots keep getting more and more boring

@eldang I am trying Deezer. Out of my ~5500 liked songs, there were only around 20 missing from its catalog, and some of those were just name mismatches. It seems ok but not sure if I'll stick with it. One big advantage is that it puts podcasts in a separate tab

Can we have an NFT collection that creates reminders to laugh at all the NFTs that 404 in 10 years?

Finally played Untitled Goose Game. What an impeccable little slice of joy.

vaccine opinion 

You should get the vaccine if you haven't yet

Mastodon drama comment 

I say this as someone who generally likes website changes, don't typically participate in user revolts.
For those saying "you don't have to use this website, it's free", do you realize how much you sound like Twitter/Google apologists?
There is a very real possibility that people stop using this app.

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Mastodon drama comment 

I'm on a couple small science instances and like to scroll through them. Would be sad to lose that. I don't use ios, wouldn't use an official Masto app on any platform, just like I refuse to use Twitter's. concerned we are at the killing the younglings stage of Mastodon, similar to when Twitter revealed intention to retool API to choke out small devs in favor of its own apps. Seems like writing is on the wall, eventually the local timeline will be removed from the webapp.

If you haven't already, you really need to start revoking app location permissions asap. And the new android feature that "fuzzes" locations available to apps can't come soon enough

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