Current home screen, using AIO Launcher and a gradient background I made with an app called Gradi

nextdoor toxic politics 

Nextdoor is the home of reactionary local politics. I deleted my account when I was censored for calling out homeowners organizing against tenants' rights in Santa Cruz. Now the site is a hub for All Lives Matter

Inside Nextdoor’s ‘Karen problem’ - The Verge

Another use for IFTTT bites the dust, this time Ebay. So many APIs have died off, with so few to replace them. Feels sad watching all these services close themselves off and make themselves less useful to consumers.

I think my efforts to scramble my online ad tracking identity are working, given I am not single or Christian!

A chilling read. I find it hard to comprehend when they say recommendations account for 70 percent of video views though. Am I a weirdo for almost never clicking on recommendations? I watch YouTube shows almost every day, but only really from ten channels I follow closely.

Internet Man says to have more money, I have to make more money. Thank you, I had not thought of this.

1. Computers
2. I will be rich
3. there will be new flavors of Cheez Its
4. profit
5. my art collection will be bigger

When friends look at me disgustedly for drinking the tap and then proceed to drink out of a brita or other carbon filter they haven't changed in years. Those are lovely homes for bacteria, not necessarily harmful ones, but still not exactly sterile

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