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man I should really start cataloguing all my open tabs at the end of each day of puzzling
no spoilers b/c galactic's still going on, but I had a v good batch of tabs last night

ok, mastodon question: is there a way to put ppl on lists, and *not* see them in my main timeline?

(notably bots: I want them in a separate timeline. old twitter I would just list them instead of following; on mastodon it seems I must follow them in order to list them)

(a bunch of us computing during meeting)
he: "let's all close our laptops"

(tense pause)

I: "but what if we're taking notes?"

"the jungle" in games (that is, what I like most about Keyforge, Magic, and many computer games)


"y'all middle class: many of your favorite things depend on constrained environments, they're gonna get worse, and that's ok"


coding is weird in that the best feeling is always deleting it. (2400 lines today, woo!)

it'd be like making art if you basically always want to destroy everything you make

(actually, now I'm curious: is that some people's experience? it's certainly not mine, I am so very proud whenever I can gosh dang create *anything*)

Hi, I'm 32 and still can't run into musicians I love in coffeeshops without getting all fanboy, welp

"are you the right person to ask about (project that nobody knows anything about that is pretty abandoned and you're the closest to knowing about but still mostly clueless)?"

is a hard question to answer

do I really have to argue that technology and morals aren't orthogonal

very 2019 things: "take our survey after using our service!" no thank you, instead I will voice my displeasure in the form of business advice in an email to you

work problem: wanting to use the phrase "those responsible have been sacked" a la Monty Python Holy Grail's absurd opening credits, but afraid someone might actually think someone got fired.

is this sporting goods store advertising... meditation?

ccluster: A emails B, B replies "cc C D and E", D cces F and G, etc etc.

pronounced "see-cluster"; obvious nsfw extended form is obvious

I wish I could quote-toot, because I don't fully agree with @aparrish that calendar software is 100% awful, but I want to signal boost the phrase "it is now impossible to use a computer except as a greasy portal to a capitalist hellscape."

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at the same time, I can't tell if the reason keeping a pen-and-paper calendar is like fifty times less frustrating and more satisfying for me than using (e.g.) google calendar is (a) pen-and-paper is actually better (b) calendar software is actually awful and/or (c) it is now impossible to use a computer except as a greasy portal to a capitalist hellscape

(ps. obligatory callout of the unnecessary gendering of "lastman"; I dislike that but like the game so much; am I being over or undersensitive here?)

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