yesterday dreamed I was at pub trivia, category was "video game characters." uhh can you help me solve these clues:
1. Four pencils working together
2. Jaw flowing
3. Regret maximizers

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@garbados guy goes to proctologist, proctologist says, "go away, I'm waiting for pagliacci," guy says, "butt doctor, i am pagliacci"

grocery shopping. cashier goes "here's your receipt. Do you play the Monopoly game?" And I'm like "no thanks" and I actually know what's going on, but how bewildering must this entire country be if you're just moving here or like not super great at English or something?

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To the extent undistracted deep work is a well-posed concept at all, the biggest disruptor of it is not social media but the need to make money. Every waldenponding evangelist I know is rich enough or securely-incomed enough to not be distracted by money-making.


Wanna feel old? It's been as long from now to when Prince was partying like it was, than it was from then to when Billy Corgan rode a roller coaster

(joke format credit/blame to @aparrish)

the deep deep sadness when you're talking with an excited Corporate Representative on twitter

I was trying to think of something to compare its technical skill + emotional resonance to, and then Aphex Twin came on, and that's exactly it! it's the Aphex Twin of comedies!

downside of this experiment is that you, my mastofolks, did/will miss out on such great quips as:
"if Dr. Dre left grad school would he be Mr. Mre"

new experiment to actually be here sometimes: when I want to tweet, roll dice and half the time toot it here instead

uh basically now I just wanted to gush about the joke density in Letterkenny. like, just started watching, and it's very funny, though and/or because they talk so fast

tags: gpoy; awkward family photos; feelin cute, might delete later; don't talk to me or my son ever again

man I should really start cataloguing all my open tabs at the end of each day of puzzling
no spoilers b/c galactic's still going on, but I had a v good batch of tabs last night

ok, mastodon question: is there a way to put ppl on lists, and *not* see them in my main timeline?

(notably bots: I want them in a separate timeline. old twitter I would just list them instead of following; on mastodon it seems I must follow them in order to list them)

(a bunch of us computing during meeting)
he: "let's all close our laptops"

(tense pause)

I: "but what if we're taking notes?"

"the jungle" in games (that is, what I like most about Keyforge, Magic, and many computer games)

"y'all middle class: many of your favorite things depend on constrained environments, they're gonna get worse, and that's ok"

coding is weird in that the best feeling is always deleting it. (2400 lines today, woo!)

it'd be like making art if you basically always want to destroy everything you make

(actually, now I'm curious: is that some people's experience? it's certainly not mine, I am so very proud whenever I can gosh dang create *anything*)

Hi, I'm 32 and still can't run into musicians I love in coffeeshops without getting all fanboy, welp

"are you the right person to ask about (project that nobody knows anything about that is pretty abandoned and you're the closest to knowing about but still mostly clueless)?"

is a hard question to answer

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