It’s true what you’ve heard. I’m moving. Because I’m a nerd and I can’t leave well enough alone.

I’ll be @dan from now on.

The way Mastodon shows you a little box that says “Filtered” when a message gets muted is basicaly daring me to look at stuff I know I don’t want to look at. Just hide that shit.

So, if everyone deactivates their Twitter, does that break

I would imagine it does.


Manually cross-posting because I haven’t set up an actual YDTW account over here because who really cares.

[post] Viewing Alexa Footage in Nuke and Nuke Studio

@unhelpfuls There were both bees and wasps in the pool at different times.

A wasp nest in the bush nearby and, when the water level got too high, about 300 bees on the edge of the pool drinking water.

Different events.

Sorry, one more Mastodon post about Mastodon.

There's no easy way to re-wrap a website as an "app" that opens in its own window-chromeless version of Safari on macOS like adding something to your homescreen on iOS, is there?

I'd prefer if this thing wasn't tied to my primary Safari windows.

Just posted Defocused 205:

Ep. 205: "Peanut Butter Is Not a Liquid"

This movie is not called Coincidence Day.

Training Day (2001)

I should probably start posting some non-Mastodon content on Mastodon at some point, shouldn't I.

Uh, here.

I drank a kombucha this morning. It was lemon ginger and exceedingly fine.

Alright. Alright. The keyboard shortcuts in the web app on macOS are beautiful. I can definitely tolerate this.

They say to truly learn a topic you need to teach it to someone else. Which is totally the excuse I'm going to use for how I got halfway through a blog post before I realized the thing I was writing was totally wrong.

Wow, the Mastodon web interface on iOS is way more pleasant to use than any of the other apps I’ve tried. Even more so if you add it to your homescreen because it’ll launch without the Safari window chrome.

But, really though, what is it going to take to make this thing really take off? It feels like Twitter could make a few face-saving changes to policies and take a few popular administrative actions and a lot of users would be lured back. Unless Mastodon manages to grab a huge share of Twitter’s users very quickly, it seems like it’d take a long time or a large number of continued, serious fuck-ups by Twitter for this thing to take over.

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I think Mastodon the service is / can be pretty cool. I also think all of these Mastodon apps suck ass and I hate using them.

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A lot of people make fun of these Twitter clone social networks like Mastodon for being a place where everyone just talks about Mastodon, but honestly that’s most of what we’ve been doing on Twitter for the past couple of years, too.

I miss the old days when the internet was still Bootylicious.

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