I am a Terminal god.

At least that's how I feel after using super basic things like cat and sed and piping output and the like

@danrabbit `while read line; do awk '{printf"%s\n"}'; done < $(echo < $file1 | cat - $file2 | sed -e 's/\ +/\ /g') > $file3`

If I've used my redirects properly, I've just made the most useless space condensing one-liner possible, but I control stdin && stdout! See my I/O redirection and tremble in its majesty!

Or at least, that's how it feels sometimes. And that's even before learning about C-x C-e and/or ^[-v depending on if you're a vi(m) or emacs guy... readline's so cool

@danrabbit I'll often feel this way until I encounter some perl that looks like the language of the old gods and it really puts me in my place.

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