Please remember when you file bug reports that there is a person on the other side reading them. That person is probably overworked and underpaid and the target of plenty of online abuse. Just try to be pleasant and explain the issue and you know, be excellent to each other and that

@danrabbit Hey Daniel thanks for being so cool. I just wanted to tell you I finally found out the only thing that was driving me crazy about elementary and my Toshiba laptop. It was the issue of packagekitd eating all my cpu and making my fans go crazy all the time. Man I am so happy I finally solved this. I am not sure when this bug will be fixed but I was totally sure there's something wrong with my laptop. I was so prepared to disassemble it :) Anyway, Elementary is so great!

@Actarus hey thanks for thinking I'm cool! We backported a newer version of packagekit recently, make sure you installed that. Check our blog for more info. If you're still having trouble you might wanna check any third party software sources you have. PackageKit gets real unhappy if they don't have working keys

@danrabbit you guys are such an inspiration. Please continue and never stop thinking how could Elementary be better. Just don't look back, the others will follow :)

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