Single greatest design LPT that has made my use of color so much better lately:

Brightness and saturation have an inverse relationship.

Especially obvious if you're layering shadows and wondering why your colors look muddy or just "wrong". You can overlay white but not black.

Even if you've been doing this kind of subconsciously, being aware of it and doing it purposefully helps catch mistakes and save time

@danrabbit Who decides in your community what is important to have available and at what refresh rate? I get it for under-developed countries that simply having 1-year-old Wikipedia articles is a big step up.

@danrabbit You're expecting everyone else is going to step backwards in this respect. I'm a developer and as much as I hate to admit it, I find a lot of answers on stackoverflow especially due to the dynamic nature of the libraries I'm working with. Should I wait 2 years to get updates because soccermom03 lobbied to get refreshed instead of what's pertinent to the actual world outside of the cul-de-sac?

@danrabbit doh... somehow mastodon (or me) put this second part of my message to brian on the wrong post... sorry

@danrabbit Sorry, this was all supposed to be in response to lunduke's private Internet video... I must have replied to the wrong post...

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