That feel when you rewrite some old code with a third the lines because of modern Gtk+ features

Got my first patch merged into a project!

Coming soon to a Linux desktop near you, 3rd party apps can now ship “@2” icons for HiDPI displays

I’m pretty freaking excited about Epiphany using Firefox sync. I’m going to try to make it my default browser and ditch Chrome

Have you explored AppCenter recently? There's now over 30 curated, native apps custom built for elementary OS!

Just confirming some travel arrangements, Corentin Noël, Cody Garver, and I are headed to Denver next month to work with System76 on a new installation experience. Pretty excited as this is one of the bigger things that I've wanted to get done before I feel like we can really call elementary OS 1.0. We'll be there for a week and hopefully we'll come out the other side with a sweet new Installation and On-boarding experience for elementary OS and Pop!_OS :)

Want to help make elementary OS even more awesome? Check out our Get Involved page!

Since it’s the everything on AppCenter is available DRM free! Oh wait, it’s always been like that. Nice.

I guess a pretty big drawback to being decentralized is there can't really be share URLs for mastodon since we can't really know which instance you're using

LPT: don't file an issue report that starts with "add an option to". Describe your issue instead. Let the dev and design teams discuss possible solutions. Most of the time it's not necessary to add another option and we can make the behavior better for everyone

Single greatest design LPT that has made my use of color so much better lately:

Brightness and saturation have an inverse relationship.

Especially obvious if you're layering shadows and wondering why your colors look muddy or just "wrong". You can overlay white but not black.

Even if you've been doing this kind of subconsciously, being aware of it and doing it purposefully helps catch mistakes and save time

Really happy with how much work we've been putting in to cleaning up old code lately. Everyone is putting in the time to do the boring work which will make everything more stable and easier to cleanly add new features or find issues

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