I'm going to try to move my presence to @danlyke@researchbuzz.masto.host . Since I'm currently posting manually, guess I'll try both places for a while...

Of course as long as it's taking to subscribe to one person at a time....

I think this is the second-to-last coat of finish for the frames, need to build the panels and back flanges now. flutterby.net/Image:2022-11-04

Kitchen cabinet door frames shaped, including redoing the 4 I redid last night because I fucked up pine and they're all grain matched. Now we sand. So much sanding.

At a Daily Acts rain catchment workshop. They keep referencing building a "shallow depression", and I'm like "yeah, pretty solidly there already, dude".

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i think all the time about this guy named vernon buerg (RIP).

buerg wrote a shareware utility called LIST that must have made its way to millions of the DOS machines of yore - sort of a combo directory lister / lightweight file manager / file viewer. like an interactive ls + less + od + some other stuff rolled into one. it was great and i still miss it.

did buerg spend his time thinking about the health of a fleet of LIST application servers? i would contend that this is _quite unlikely_.

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First time on the Petaluma history walk. Last walk of the season, so it's a large one.

Turbine helicopter circling over my neighborhood without searchlight for half an hour after 10PM... Now the Nixle alert comes in saying "avoid the area". Gee, ya think?

At some point I will have to create an API to do this, but probably in conjunction to spinning up my own instance. Until then I'll just manually copy stuff across: The Amor Para Todos crosswalk is finished! Congrats to all involved. I'm grateful to have had a small part in this.

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I'd like to ask you people to boost this post to see how long it'd take for it to reach someone else from my town (Westervoort, The Netherlands).
Of course, that implies that I'm not the only one here that uses Mastodon, but hey, part of the challenge :)

Starting on the 18th of August 2020 :)


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The Nobilis Erotica Patreon campaign needs just a few more patrons to be able to afford two patron-sponsored episodes a month.


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Have you reached the saturation point with "bitcoin", "mining", and "blockchain" in your web browsing? This extension can help you by automatically replacing those terms on pages you visit with tulip-related alternatives.


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I would once again like to point out that Dunning Kruger totally sounds like the name of a country singer and something needs to be done with this information.

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I'm realizing that being in a band has some weird parallels to #polyamory. A band member starts playing with another group and it's all "That bassist is better than me. What if they don't have time for this band anymore? WHAT IF I'M BEING REPLACED?!" Only it's less socially acceptable to talk about all that with your band members... #music #relationships

The Python API bindings are b0rk3n, which makes it difficult to put content up here... Hmmmm...


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