@dajbelshaw Thansk for sharing it. Not brilliantly written, and it's funny how quickly Mastodon is being written off. The inertia keeping users on FB and Twitter is almost like an immovable object at this stage unfortunately. Hard to see anything being as big as those 2 in the near future, but I'll be keeping an eye on mastodon anyway

@TheWayneGibbons The irony is that the more we think like that, the more entrenched they become. We don't *need* Facebook (I no longer have an account) but society acts as if we do.

@dajbelshaw @TheWayneGibbons I still get infuriated sometimes at the assumptions some seem to have that *of course* we're all on FB. Just today was frustrated at Year of Open website saying you could submit your impact story...on FB. Why?


@clhendricksbc @TheWayneGibbons That is pretty ridiculous. I push back at it wherever I can - most recently in the Executive Committee meeting for the local Scouts where they wanted to abandon their website in favour of a Facebook page. 😒

@dajbelshaw @clhendricksbc @TheWayneGibbons

I closed my Facebook account over 3 years ago now and am now used to having to offer a 'no, really' clause when I tell people. I make a point of challenging any organisations I see who offer Facebook as their only channel. The more we assume it as a given the less likely it will be to ever change,


@nigeldgreen @clhendricksbc @TheWayneGibbons That look people give you when you say you're not on there! There should be a name for that.

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