Trump administration launches tough new social media vetting for US visa applicants #tnw

I've only had time to scan this article from Chris Dixon about what 'tokens' built on blockchain technologies means for the Open movement, but look forward to reading in more detail and following links later:

Friends! I've decided to join the instance at

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'#Blockstack, a blockchain startup, has released a decentralized browser to make an internet that would be free from dependence on large organizations and key players. The makers of Blockstack browser have called it the Netscape of the decentralized internet for running and making apps. A developer release of Blockstack browser is available, and a user version will arrive in six months...'



Thinking about it, I like that the Mastodon equivalent for retweets is called "boosts" instead. Unlike "retweet" or "reblog", which centres your action in placing other people's stuff on your timeline, the action is more about increasing the range of the original toot (or jinx or awoo or w/e). The focus, I think, is more on them.

Besides, there are different words for "toot" on different instances, not to mention "retoot" being awkward as hell to say.

Love this article:

"It’s not about working less. It’s the opposite: A lot of knowledge jobs basically never stop, and without structuring time to think and be curious you wind up less efficient during the hours that are devoted to sitting at your desk cranking out work."

Sunny. I'm so dosed up on hayfever meds I want to go back to bed. This might be the case. However, we shouldn't forget that people today get valuable information (e. g. related to their jobs, but also about their hobbies etc.) from social media, too.

Furthermore, social media has become an important political tool. Despite its downsides, it's probably here to stay.

See (have yet to read the book - there's a Creative Commons version, too)

A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 20 Edition) - in which I take issue with a New York Times letter to the editor about the rise of Google products in US K-12 education (which made me very cranky indeed): #edtech

"Again, those who used substitutes reported missing and craving Facebook less over time, whereas those who weren’t reminded to try alternatives missed it more over time."

Not a quote from a advocate 🍍, but research cited by Chicago Booth Review in 2015:

Friends, cats and other mastodon users - are you ready and willing to do some SCIENCE?

I am asking because I have made this survey about the difference between being on Twitter and being on Mastodon, and would appreciate you taking three minutes of your time to fill it out

Thank you for reading. May good things come your way

Just been for a run for only the second time this year (I usually swim / go to the gym).

The reason I stopped running was due to migraine triggers and painful right knee.

Seems alright so far, and I really hope everything's OK because I enjoy running! Nothing quite like it. :)

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