BREAKING NEWS: The UK 🇬🇧 has made the decision to open a Market Investigation Reference into Browsers and Cloud Gaming.

This is a huge step towards restoring browser competition, ending the #AppleBrowserBan and ensuring Web Apps have the ability to compete.


Now that we're learning this lesson that centralized silos are brittle and operate in the interest of the owners not the users...

...please note the move toward centralizing podcasts into apps from Amazon/Audible, Spotify, iHeart, YouTube, TikTok etc.

If you like podcasts, use an RSS-based podcast player. Support the open ecosystem. We can only survive if you clearly see the threat and act supportively.

I wonder if the Metaverse, but implemented like the Fediverse, would create a real life implementation of the OASIS in Ready Player One?

macOS on the M1 MacBook Pro is so terrible at handling external displays.

When it wakes from sleep, the screen comes alive as expected but will go black and return after a couple of seconds - every 30 seconds or so.

What fixes this is disconnecting and reconnecting the display cable.

Has anyone else seen issues like this?

It’s interesting that the biggest communication challenge facing Mastodon communities is explaining that it’s basically a protocol and a network of independent, interconnected servers, which is what the Web, e-mail, even DNS and most of the fundamental services we use on the internet are, and always were.
It just illustrates just how much ‘Big Tech’ proprietary social media platforms swallowed up and walled off, if it’s now difficult to explain what the internet actually is!

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