Does the language filter not work on the timeline? I can't understand at least 60% of what's going on in there.

@cyinyde i would like to know this too... even speaking a few languages I am at a loss most of the time

@BrokerDestroyer Since many of mine come from a single instance, I was hoping that adding that instance as a filter would do the trick. Nope.

@cyinyde Does it work on ANY timeline? I'm so confused... set the filter in my settings, but getting other languages in every timeline.

@johnforamerica Not sure. Since I'm a too, I don't have any other languages popping up in my home or notification timelines.

@cyinyde I'm guessing that the language filters are for *outgoing* toots only. Like, I toot in English and Mandarin, but only want the English toots to go public.

(BTW, I don't toot in Mandarin.)

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