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...worlds are alway circumscribed, situated and multiple...

—Anne-Marie Willis

Oh boy... where to start with nonsense like this.

“Good faith”... this entire tweet is either incredibly ignorant or in the worst kind of bad faith possible...


After crisis passes, could we have a good faith discussion about the uses and abuses of "modeling" to predict the future? Everything from public health, to economic to climate predictions. It isn't the scientific method, folks.


Dear why is this know-nothing constantly in "Top Commentary" on ... why does he have a blue check? Why hasn't his account been blocked for spreading misinformation about COVID?

Pondering the difference between Hermeneutic and Cybernetic loops...

What techniques, platforms or ideas are working for everyone remote teaching?

As a student what seems to help?

As a teacher what keeps people engaged and learning?

Can anyone explain to Alex that there are not enough tests and machines to test with to test everyone who wants a test never-mind people we think might be sick or better yet random testing to find the answer How many infections are there?

One of the problematics the Resilience Engineering points at is...

Reasoning stopping because a group has accepted a set of identified reasons.

My sister got me an “I’m immunosuppressed and then there is this COVID thing” tshirt

You know that thing when continuously suggests adding a massive dose of toxicity to your timeline?

Ya.... not gonna happen.

I've been using MacBooks for... well I had one of the first Titanium MacBooks... so for along time.

I HATE the current MacBook Pro 15-inch 2019 model... with a passion...


Yes... the people who wanted to prevent deaths by “pushing panic measures” (aka Social Distancing)... would totally evaluate the success of those measures (Social Distancing) by inflating the death toll... makes perfect sense.

This person is a dangerous idiot.

Stated like a true PhDed social scientist who understands how to read statistics! (Also why is this person allowed anywhere near economics... 😬)


"No one could have predicted the exponential rise of this." - Kudlow, on now.


WOD anecdata:

anecdata[ an-ik-dey-tuh, -dat-uh, -dah-tuh ] noun

anecdotal evidence based on personal observations or opinions, random investigations, etc., but presented as fact:
biased arguments supported by anecdata.

Just as there is “no root cause”, there is “no one solution”...

The idea that social distancing will be “enough” prematurely shuts down explorations into other potential mitigations.

Multiple simultaneous interventions will be required.

Just in case you need another reason to not eat the crap slops out...



Edge of Chaos Minimum Viable Response

Sensor network. ACTIVATE! Form of LOTS OF CONVERSATIONS about WTF is happening out there.

Those informal networks... get them moving ideas around on the edges.

Where do you find hope now?

How much are you trying to live through this... instead of trying to live in it?

One of the potential problems with the stages of acceptance is that one might imaging that the current crisis is some monolithic thing that one must come to accept... and yet it is more like waves of many changes & challenges one must face, each acceptance revealing another set.

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