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I'll be DJ'ing this saturday at Great Georgiana in Brooklyn, starting around 10pm. No genres, just a strong beat.

Really sorry to hear that Tom Verlaine has died. We missed out on Television the first time around. But the around the turn of the century, our friend (Hi Bill!) loaned us his copy of Please Kill Me. Of the bands we got into after that, Television has been at the top of the list.

We saw them live at Summer Stage in 2007 and Chester wrote it up on his blog. Great show, great singer, great writer, great guitarist. R.I.P. #TomVerlaine #Television

This website provides the full back archive of BYTE magazine, all 23 years of it from 1975 to to 1998. It's a treasure trove of vintage tech and nostalgia, not even carries all the issues.

The site actually focuses on old Apple magazines, but has also PC magazines and other resources on the history of microcomputing.

#retrocomputing #magazines

Hey #music Mastodon, our great friend John Turner is starting his weekly show on Mixcloud right now. He spins great tunes, #jazz #electronic #weird and everything in between. And with some of his great live playing thrown into the mix. A joyous couple of hours, all from his in pad in Harlem (actually looks like Queens this week!) Please tune in!

Scott Tennant retires from the LAGQ.New member Douglas lora.
Can't imagine the quartet without my "Big brother"...

We love raptor season in Central Park! Nora spotted this Cooper's Hawk on the ground, stalking a squirrel near the Ramble bird feeders. It flew into a tree, only to be chased off by a Red-tailed Hawk moments later.

Then just as we were about to exit the park, this American Kestrel flew past us and perched on a nearby tree. The Kestrel tried to return to a more typical high perch, but it too got chased away, by some sassy Blue Jays. #birds #birdphotography #centralpark #nyc #raptors

Nice project for a dreary Sunday afternoon. This beautiful instrument was made by Grit Laskin back when he was apprenticing with Jean Larriveé; it turned 50 this year!

Today is Olivier Messiaen 114th birthday!
Let's celebrate with this amazing performance of his Quartet for the End of Time:


One year ago today, the jazz world lost its beloved bebop maestro Barry Harris. In October 2019, Chester wrote about Barry during his annual week-long stint at the Village Vanguard, including what would turn out to be his last ever set there. #BarryHarris #bebop #jazz #jazzeducation

If you find a book where you're using a scrap of fine sandpaper as a bookmark, you just might be a classical guitarist!

I wasn't going to buy any new instrument VSTs this year, but... Pianoteq just proved too irresistible!

“A Scruffy Guitar Shop Survives the Chelsea Hotel’s Chic Makeover
After a costly renovation, a landmark of Manhattan that was once home to Patti Smith and Bob Dylan is drawing a different crowd. Dan Courtenay, the proprietor of Chelsea Guitars, is fine with that.”
#guitars #nyc

On a related note, if there are any looking for good free, public domain sources of pedagogy to aid in their own understanding and writing for strings, I'm making a list here:

By the way, if you think there are any glaring omissions from that list, I would be grateful for your thoughts. I plan on doing something similar for viola and cello pedagogy.

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Question for teachers and students. Are there any public domain easy / beginner methods, etudes, etc. for violin that you would like to see transcribed in a clean edition for viola? For example Schradieck School of Violin Technics?

The reason I ask is I'm making a clean viola copy of Schradieck book I for myself in Dorico, and I'm wondering if there is any general interest in that type of material, or does it all already exist in a million good sources?

Today I’m having my first lesson after a gap of, oh about 35 years!

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