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M97 is a planetary nebula in Ursa Major. It is located near the lower pointer star Merak. As a planetary nebula it is the last phase of death of a intermediate to low mass (7 to 1 solar mass) star before the star becomes a white dwarf. #astrophoto

if you did the trolley problem with ttc streetcars it would be a lot easier because you have to actually stop the car and get out with the crowbar thing to move the metal track bits

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recombining grammatical constituents parsed from romantic comedy plot descriptions on wikipedia with a tracery grammar

I can't believe they keep letting me use computers

We *do* this: we pull over for ambulances, and that's amazing.

For reasons: for the needs of our future selves & of people we don't know - it's complicated.

But in every state in America I've visited - from Georgia, Florida, Missouri, to California - I've seen this happen.

We DO this, so I'm reminding myself today: it's proven we can institutionalize empathy by designing systems that arrest our senses & remind us of our own personal stakes ... and the vulnerability of everyone else we love.

thinking about how old biblical stories are basically bronze age black mirror

sodom and gomorrah: "what if cities...but too much"
tower of babel: "what if monumental architecture...but too much"
shadrach, meshach and abednigo: "what if smelting furnaces...but too much"

I haven't read the whole paper, but can't deny it has a catchy opening:

"The purpose of this conceptual paper is to provide readers with an opportunity to reassess their work and life in the face of an inevitable near term social collapse due to climate change."

Anyone in #MachineLearning #ML or #DataScience - I've got a potentially naive question.

I'm doing cross validation + model tuning to ensure the params get consistent results. This is 4 k-fold with 3/1 training test folds.

But to generate the training data, I need to rebalance it.

Current process;
1) Split train into kfold
2) Rebalance the 3 training folds, leave the one test fold.
3) Train a model, checking perf from the test fold

But rebalancing is a really expensive part of the process in #`Python library I was looking at - imblearn. Are there other libraries I can use, or am I making an order mistake?

So you know that feeling that traces along your veins while drafting a machine learning model with a source including "clandestine airstrips"?

I mean, I don't.

*looks at Amazon Echo*

"Prank caller!!! Prank caller!"

I really like being behind the stage with the artists I'm working with, for one: best seats!

Music biz chatter:

So, maybe it's time as consumers we revive a critical appraisal of music streaming given its influence in devaluing musical works

Everyone's unwillingness to pay per play of a song (mine included) + large fees to record labels means Spotify et al aren't making a profit off of popular musical works...and neither are the vast majority of good artists

Even if they're popular; they're broke. And that's a weird calculus for capitalism

An urban fantasy Chosen One story where your witch powers don't kick in on your 13th/16th/18th birthday, they manifest when you turn 38.

The best parts of the music industry (like the best parts of the software industry) happen during the early creative phases - and being able to work in my studio with artists is a gift & I'm grateful

Hmm, The Chainsmokers sounding a bit more like The Chainsmokers with every new release

I waited 22 days to upgrade to Babel 7 in my latest project, but realized today was the day

Live picture of the process:

😭😭why 😭😭
😱😱please stop 😱😱

If today's your upgrade day, remember you are alive and human

Will include your name in my burnt offerings for best results

Peppers in nature: Imma make myself spicy to keep mammals from eating me.

Humans: Oh god this fruit gives me mouth burn.

Peppers: haha i win

Humans: Im gonna eat 10 more and put some on my meat.

Peppers: Goddamnit.

Humans: Now im going to breed them for extra mouth burns.

Peppers: I...what..

I'm really loving the Museo Nacional de Antropología, will need to come back again to see everything

Just a quick selfie after today's uspol news - at the Museo Nacional de Antropología in Mexico City

Can we all just take a minute to appreciate Carrie Fisher in a shirt and tie?

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