Where's our Guernica for this era? For all of these fractures, divisions, and the triumph of justification over reality

Just thought of a title for a relationship podcast, wait for it–

"Your Mileage May Marry"

This is not my strong suit obv

gun stats, but interesting! 

From the job files... more than 70% of all guns confiscated in Mexico after a serious crime (such as homicide or kidnapping) come from a gun shop in the US.

Mexico has had one of the strictest gun laws in the world for more than 50 years.

Yiiikes. Our gun attitudes are hurting our neighbors. Mexico should sanction or censure us until we fix things, right?

said in a very, very, very, very, very small voice


...i kind of like the weezer cover of 'everybody wants to rule the world'

classic science fiction was a clever ruse to get STEM majors to learn philosophy and we really oughta bring that back

I wish there was a verb that described when us humans are both critically analyzing a broken thing and engaging in it.

For example: (a) Corrupt politicians who fight corruption or (b) smokers who try to quit but can't

Proposal: That dude is [fremming] the electoral process

compilation of ridiculous quotes from my astro prof 

A few personal favorites:
“Watch out for theorists, the have very few morals”
“So you have a big D, but do you have lambda?”
“And then you die or whatever”

A pythonic morning for me. Which reminds me...

I'm often thankful for tools like pyinvoke.org/ and I wish efforts like that got more attention, fame, glory, money, puppies etc. They're free and they help so, so much.

It's time again for Endless Jingling, the random carol generator I made a few years back and for which I am unquestionably going to hell.


"The circle of them is not so great as some imagine; the influence of a few have tainted many who are not naturally corrupt."

"I am now thoroughly disgusted with them; they live in ungrateful ease, and bend their whole minds to mischief..."

– wherein Thomas Paine's pamplet-storm was just ice cold *dragging* the Americans beholden to a hostile foreign power back in 1777

(Yah, still holds up)

Almost every day I forget Microsoft owns Github

Setting up federated SSO via Google into AWS shouldn't be this hard in 2018, right? 😰

There's so many ways in which technology maintenance is a lot like traffic after highway lane expansion.

(Btw, still takes too long to get to Santa Monica from Anaheim)

To be fair, we did save time with shared libraries and well-understood UX initially ... but then along came containerization, and transpiling, and module builders and lol everything's slow to get started again

The mirror part is amazing
RT @Khanoisseur@twitter.com
Kōkichi Sugihara is a Japanese mathematician and artist known for his three-dimensional optical illusions that appear to make marbles roll uphill, make circular pipes look rectangular…he won first place at Best Illusion of the Year Contest in 2010, 2013.

I recognize the exact soundtrack homages to All the President's Men and The Thing in Amazon's "Homecoming" show - It's really neat & I wonder how many else I'm missing?

I'm holed up in a Mexican compound collating hectares of poppies seized in raids listening to election results on a broken radio on the eve of the fall of American democracy JUST LIKE THE FORTUNE TELLER SAID


In 2014, when Sierra Leone was hit by the Ebola outbreak, three local software developers kept the country's infrastructure working by rewriting it to #FLOSS. They saved hundreds of thousands lives when companies like Google and IBM backed off, calling the project too risky.



And their own recollection of the events with some technical descriptions:


A recurrent pattern in "disruptive" product development: A potential client finds you. They're in pain, because what they've been doing isn't working any longer, and it looks like what you have will help. So you put together a demo or do a proof-of-concept. And when they see it, organizational antibodies on their end get activated and things grind to a halt.

"The way we do it here" can have a very vigorous posse.

Every time we see fire-fast-&-early work cultures (like Netflix appears to have) it seems the person at the top rarely gets honestly evaluated & fired - they're the largest potential roadblock but somehow largely exempt.

And when fear of being a poor performer is prioritized in a culture, then doesn't risk of retention replace risk taken on behalf of users?

So– maybe Disney *is* smart to compete with Netflix right now. Honest user metrics at NF prolly less impt than looking good to your boss

uspol, my California Election Slate 

Here's my November 2018 voter guide. metagrrrl.com/metagrrrl/2018/1

It's just my opinion, but I've provided background info and how I got to my choices. Hope it's helpful for you as you plan your vote!

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