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This is brilliant from @ScotRail in response to a .


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Hi Gordon, it's not really nice to take pictures of other passengers, we're not going to comment on this. ^Dean


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Now I get it!
George Orwell's last interview and it's not only absolutely terrifying it's more relevant than it's ever been

Blind Joe - I WILL NOT COMPLY!!!


"So if you tend to agree and you’re pissed off like me
Stand your ass up and scream it out loud
Sing I will not comply"

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Pharmacist from Cortez Colorado Safeway Store resigns 10:00 am 10/14/21

Ten year manager of the Pharmacy quits, gives viral speech

It’s happening


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This ends, and only ends, when a critical mass of individuals & businesses say: ‘That’s enough of this now. We will not comply with any more restrictions. We won’t wear or enforce mask wearing and we won’t implement ‘Vaccine Passports’. Once that happens, the narrative collapses.


White House Details Plan To "Quickly" Vaccinate 28 Million Children Age 5-11


"The US government has purchased 65 million doses of the pediatric shot - which is expected to contain one-third of the dosage for adults and adolescents."

"The 's independent advisory committee will meet Oct. 26 to consider authorizing the Pfizer shot for aged 5-11."

"Children - the least likely to fall seriously ill or die from the virus."

Dewey, Cheat'em And Howe


"If you , as a private , "'' against -19 any and all adverse events as a result of said jabs are now chargeable to you, as the Federal Government itself has deemed that 'mandated' vaccinations are indeed that occurred while performing the job in question."

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Here comes liability for those who went ahead with mandates... [...]


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🧵Short thread🧵
In a healthy culture, the CDC would descend on this hospital and pour over the records of the patients. In our current culture, this midwife will have to now worry about being terminated and the CDC will stonewall and block any possible inquiries.


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[midwife in a large hospital]

[..] babies this month who have been born seemingly healthy, but died within 48-72 hours from pulmonary haemmorhage


Wuhan Lab Announces New Network Which Only Hires Chinese Communist Party Members


" and its experiments have been funded and supported by leading U.S. institutions such as Anthony ’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease."

"The research, carried out in collaboration with American scientists such as Peter Daszak, focused on the manipulation of bat similar to -19."


NOW - Protesters against vaccine mandates chant "Defund the Media" in front of the New York Times building.

Southwest drops plan to put unvaccinated staff on unpaid leave starting in December


"It will continue paying them while the company reviews their requests, and said it will allow those who are rejected to continue working."

"Hundreds of employees [& others] demonstrated Monday against the mandate outside of Southwest Airlines’ headquarters"

Why Hype Merck's Coronavirus Drug, But Dismiss Ivermectin?


"The real problem is our dysfunctional drug approval process. The National Institutes of Health and consistently and more readily approve shiny, new, more-profitable therapies—even if they’re less effective—while making it nearly impossible for currently available low-cost drugs to be approved for new indications despite their efficacy as repurposed ."

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