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European Authorities Ban Dirty Cookie Practices in GDPR Update

When GDPR rolled out across the European Union back in 2018, the sweeping legal framework pledged to bring consumer privacy and protection to the forefront. In the years since then, we’ve seen the adtech industry at large do its collective darnedest to undermine these laws at every turn, and largely get away with it, thanks in part to the squishy phrasing of some of the legislation’s most critical clauses.

Black people four times more likely to die from Covid-19, ONS finds.

Official figures show that wide disparity not just due to health and economic differences

Apple-Google COVID-19 virus contact-tracing API to bar location-tracking access

Renamed 'ExposureNotification' will only only one app per nation

Christopher Nolan's Tenet Projecting Low Box-Office Opening

Perfect reason to go at midnight when no one else is around?

Perfect timing by @mozilla

Video Call Apps

More and more people now rely on video call apps to stay connected during the coronavirus pandemic. We reviewed the privacy and security of some of the most popular apps to help you make smart decisions on what to use to work remotely, chat with friends and family, and connect with your doctor.

CRISPR Could Finally Make the First Truly Allergy-Free Cat

"If the new drug works and doesn’t have any major side effects for our feline friends, it could eliminate nearly all cat allergies. If you’re allergic to cats, however, you probably shouldn’t go out and get one now in the hopes that your allergies will be cured soon."

Are we failing to notice that we are heading for no-deal ?

This year, the shelves emptied and trade evaporated because of a hidden virus – next year, the cause would be man-made

Instagram removes ability to view posts unless you are logged in.

Another example of why open source alternatives are increasingly important!

#deleteInstagram #usePixelfed

Updated my blog post about Airbnb shake out to include Wired article and clip. Right on the money, some airbnb hosts are sweating during

Latest @DoESLiverpool #COVID19 visor update: 6241 produced, packed and shipped

Is it only me or is Zoom's new linux client v:3.5.3 quite heavy on the CPU compaired to previous?

Feel like I won the jackpot!
Having found a slot on Tesco home delivery tomorrow

Unfortunately, my Internet provider,, does NOT implement BGP safely.
Check out to see if your ISP implements BGP in a safe way or if it leaves the Internet vulnerable to malicious route hijacks. via


still find it weird that in the midst of all this there are people clinging to the idea that making capitalism *do things* is somehow an important goal

this is a global pandemic the likes of which haven't been seen for a hundred years, stop stressing about made-up numbers ffs



Friendly reminder that "Dr." Phil is not a medical doctor. He calls himself a doctor because he has a Ph.D. in psychology. It's irresponsible to put someone on TV, introduce him as "Doctor," let him talk about public health, and not make clear he's no M.D.


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