Nothing better than listening to the sounds of Homeward by Ferry Corsten with the warm sunset in your contented face.

Uber "finally" sets diversity, inclusion and equity goals

Within the sphere of diversity, inclusion and equity, it’s common knowledge that companies are unlikely to achieve meaningful progress unless they put goals in place. Uber has finally gotten the memo. Today, as part of its third diversity report, Uber committed to two three-year goals, as wel…

"It’s a full moon tomorrow. Don’t forget to look up!"

Email message from the today 😁

I have 2 tickets for the sold out, Dystopia 987 on the evening of Friday 19th July.

Get in touch if you want to buy them at face value of £35/ticket.

Facebook’s FTC fine will be $5 billion—or one month’s worth of revenue

Fine will settle privacy investigation triggered by Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Both lifts are now out in!
20 floors of climbing for residents while Otis waits for parts over the last 2 weeks.😓

At future myths

Why is it so difficult to talk about race in the workplace?

I ask the question... Why is it so difficult to talk about, and include race in the diversity and inclusion agenda?


🎧 ¡Nuevo de !

Escucha a, Marjorie Netange,, y hablar sobre educación y tecnología.



at was amazing!
If you are in go check it out for a hour or so.
Here's some of my best photos, might go back with my DSLR soon

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