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Great day today at @BBCRD@twitter.com's and @public_spaces@twitter.com Public Service Internet event today. What role can trusted institutions like the BBC play in building a better internet and digital new deal? . twitter.com/montg/status/11862

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Introducing ‘Takiwātanga' - Mozfest’s first Neurodiversity Space @mozilla@twitter.com foundation.mozilla.org/en/blog @MozillaFestival@twitter.com @cubicgarden@twitter.com @S67Sean@twitter.com @Patjouk@twitter.com @L1LHulk@twitter.com

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Congrats to sticker match winner Theres! vet @cubicgarden@twitter.com drew the winner right before his set on stage at the after party!

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Some great after-party tunes at , thanks to DJ @cubicgarden@twitter.com.

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Werewolf at 2200
Back of floor 1 (games floor)
Be ready

Werewolf at the back of floor 1 (games floor)
2115 be there for wicked fun!

Not long till the first event at @mozillafestival@twitter.com and there are some tickets on the door now, if you missed them originally
Be kind and retweet @BBCRD@twitter.com @mozilla@twitter.com

Don't forget to grab a ticket for Public Spaces, Private Data: can we build a better internet?
Last chance tickets are available and going quickly

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Learn more about the first ever space at this year’s where we’ll be highlighting ND creativity & inclusive design. Join us on 26th & 27th Oct @RavensbourneUK@twitter.com mozillafestival.org/en/spaces/ @bbcuxd@twitter.com @L1LHulk@twitter.com @S67Sean@twitter.com @cubicgarden@twitter.com @Danbo12@twitter.com

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Share your brilliant ideas to make the internet healthier and fuel your work with new collaborations and connections at this October.
Hope to see you there! mzl.la/2019tickets

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Lots of organising going on at the moment (today’s big AI event at BBC, and the @BBCRD@twitter.com @public_spaces@twitter.com event at on 21st - sign up here ti.to/bbcrd/public-spaces-priv ) so not surprising I dreamed that I was calling @adew@twitter.com for advice :-)

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Public Spaces, Private Data: can we build a better internet?
Mon 21st Oct during the @mozillafestival in London

Oh wow... my talk/workshop for @mozillafestival
""3D's: Dating, Dataportability & Deception (GDPR edition)"
Was accepted!

Public Spaces, Private Data: can we build a better internet? - Monday Oct 21st in London during @mozillafestival@twitter.com week

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