eBay port scans visitors' computers for remote access programs

When visiting the eBay.com site, a script will run that performs a local port scan of your computer to detect remote support and remote management applications.


Inkscape 1.0 is Finally Here With Tons of Feature Improvements

The best free and open source vector editor Inkscape just became better with the release of version 1.0. Check out the new features and installation instruction.


Seeking graphic designers for Doughnut Economics…

At Doughnut Economics Action Lab (DEAL), our small team will be continually making presentations, publishing reports, creating videos, running workshops, and turning new concepts into icons and dia…


Vitamin D Determines Severity in COVID-19: Researchers Urge Government to Change Advice


Whereas there are currently no results from randomized controlled trials to conclusively prove that vitamin D beneficially affects COVID-19 outcomes, there is strong circumstantial evidence of associations between vitamin D and the severity of COVID-19 

After Screaming About Discrimination, Ex-Google Engineer James Damore Silently Asks Court to Dismiss Lawsuit

Google hasn’t said anything publicly about the dismissal yet.


Tenet is now Hollywood’s litmus test for what happens next

Christopher Nolan’s Tenet is Warner Bros. big bet on summer blockbuster season happening


Thinking every other row with seating 3 apart might be possible, except when you need a toilet break!

European Authorities Ban Dirty Cookie Practices in GDPR Update


When GDPR rolled out across the European Union back in 2018, the sweeping legal framework pledged to bring consumer privacy and protection to the forefront. In the years since then, we’ve seen the adtech industry at large do its collective darnedest to undermine these laws at every turn, and largely get away with it, thanks in part to the squishy phrasing of some of the legislation’s most critical clauses.

Apple-Google COVID-19 virus contact-tracing API to bar location-tracking access

Renamed 'ExposureNotification' will only only one app per nation


Christopher Nolan's Tenet Projecting Low Box-Office Opening


Perfect reason to go at midnight when no one else is around?

Are we failing to notice that we are heading for no-deal ?

This year, the shelves emptied and trade evaporated because of a hidden virus – next year, the cause would be man-made


RT @BBCNewsnight@twitter.com

“This is a health issue with huge ramifications for social welfare, and it’s a welfare issue with huge ramifications for public health.”

ICYMI: reported on and how the pandemic is widening social and economic divisions

WATCH 👉 bbc.in/3bbhhjm

🐦🔗: twitter.com/BBCNewsnight/statu

Six ways the lockdown has changed the UK

After three weeks of the restrictions, many aspects of everyday life have been transformed.


I may reconsider getting a Google home mini now the local access api is being used. But if Google mess this up....! cubicgarden.com/2020/04/12/i-m

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