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If you're heading out to next week, join @clearchanneluk@twitter.com at 11am on Tuesday 18th to hear the inspirational @CephasWilliams@twitter.com speak about his groundbreaking @56BlackMen@twitter.com project. Reserve your place here: bit.ly/2JY9FX9

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A small gift I offered at today was a new way to look at Facebook and what its primary service today is: apologies. Facebook = AaaS

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At a place called Meatpoint, Netherlands
Which is around the corner from a place called only for men

Really weird clothing store which has BBQ equipment in the middle of its range...

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@cubicgarden@twitter.com @sarahkatenorman@twitter.com spotted this morning on @BBCRadio4@twitter.com

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Good to see @rene_kaiser@twitter.com presenting good work on the virtual director at our workshop

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kicking off with our generous hero sponsors @ScanComputers@twitter.com & @nvidia@twitter.com - exciting 3 days ahead!

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Google takeout to the rescue?
All the data roads leads to Google fit, but I can get the actual data out too cubicgarden.com/2019/05/29/goo

Apple sued for allegedly selling customers' iTunes and Apple Music listening data

According to the lawsuit, Apple violated privacy laws by selling its customers' iTunes and Apple Music listening data to third parties.

"If" true this is big, Apple claim to be protectors of personal data


European elections 2019: Investigating false and misleading video

Reality Check investigates examples of false and misleading video and images during the European elections.


Huawei's Google woes worry Africa

Will Africa's governments and consumers have to choose between using US and Chinese technology?


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Labour should have argued for a second referendum, and then pledged to campaign to remain in Europe, says Emily Thornberry on her partyโ€™s EU election campaign

latest bbc.in/2HSTTcQ

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That BXP take is aligned with the changes in the polls of a few days ago. Taking from Tory & UKIP. twitter.com/AmemeHack/status/1

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