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Ian Forrester @cubicgarden@mastodon.cloud

Love dark chocolate love chillies this is meant to be the bar for you & me...
Scoville 1.569

Still strange to see bar people crack a egg into my cocktail but it works well

Gröna Lund grand total after 8hrs
Jetline 35x
Twister 4x
Kvasten 1x
Insane 16x

Gröna Lund so far
Jetline 7x
Twister 2x
Kvasten 1x
Insane 2x

Ummm anyone understand this?
Found in Hornhuset goo.gl/maps/4jhe9n8D4Y52 bar toilet this morning
Google translated as
"NOTE Not to mention there is a bar"
or "NOTE Not to soap there is a bar"
Could be drunken nonsense, might be something?

Now this is relaxing, weird cocktail with fresh egg white, rye and absinthe by one of many rivers in Stockholm. Outside a bar called Brooklyn.

Found a amazing tea shop in Stockholm, but doesn't exist according to Google maps

Got to say i'm looking the effect of on sites like this.
Oh that's what you are doing with those cookies!

1am and the sky is dark blue
Midsummer in

Whoever suggest tap bar for cocktails was right on the money. Won best cocktail bar last year

One hell of an old fashioned!
3/4 Makers mark 1/4 Jim beam premium black
Proper clean ice cube, orange peel and black olive
Tap bar

I'm flabbergasted to say the cocktails on tap! Are actually pretty good. Shocked and stunned
Well done for the total surprise Tap Room by Marcus Samuelsson

Made it to Tweed Stockholm recommended by a friend
Fully booked but got a nice outdoor seat in the sunshine

Got to say Humans • S03 is pretty great TV (imdb.com/title/6680547)
Well done to @Channel4@twitter.com

Today @OKcupid@twitter.com responded to my request in a similar vein as @pof@twitter.com. What a surprise cubicgarden.com/2018/06/10/okc