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Ian Forrester @[email protected]

You know that silly fear about Alexa recording everything and leaking it online? It just happened

My gratitude for yesterday @[email protected]

"Grateful to still be a European Citizen with the data ethical rights to hold big corporations accountable for their careless and mindless actions with my data."

From @[email protected] "by using our services on or after May 25th 2018, you agree to the revisions"
I swear this isn't right under ? This should only apply if I click accept!

Its the penultimate day of @[email protected] "the living room of the future" in @[email protected] If you wanted to see a possible future, tomorrow is the last day. Expect a full write up on @[email protected] blog soon.

Open source federated #activitypub (same federated protocol that @[email protected] uses) based photo sharing site in the works at pixelfed.org/. This looks very promising!

About 9 hours into and everything seems to be going well. @[email protected]

Seems there might be a problem with the East Coast mainline at Darlington :(

Another great @[email protected] The TED of the UK keeps going and going. Thanks to @[email protected] and the rest of the team for such a joyful event full of intellectual enjoyment

Just learned about job sculpting thanks to @[email protected] at
Been designing my life and job for many years now

Interesting to see @[email protected] team used in Max amordeluso's Amazon Alexa presentation