I was expecting the discussion about if twitter was owned by the government might lead towards what would happen if it was owned for the public good? :)
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Have you ever noticed the overwhelming whiteness? Yes!

Dan Lyons asks the question in his blog while looking through the Business Insiders “50 Best Small Companies to Work For of 2017, According to Employees.” Then concludes with ...
The companies that end up on lists like this are often the pep-squad types who work really hard to get on lists like this. It’s free marketing. It helps them recruit


Wondering why @British_Airways@twitter.com's web site wants access to my motion sensors?! This is the reason I use browsers like @brave@twitter.com & @firefox@twitter.com that block harmful, privacy-infringing fingerprinting nonsense like this.

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Back in 1992, I told everybody to come on in, the water is fine! Do I now accept any of the blame for today’s combined plagues of disinformation, economic inequality, automation, and weaponized memetics? medium.com/team-human/was-huma

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Mozilla, Intel, Red Hat and Fastly today announced the launch of the Bytecode Alliance, a new open-source group that focuses on “creating new software foundations, building on standards such as WebAssembly and WebAssembly System Interface (WASI).”


After making fun of wagamamas allergy notes yesterday (AA = Against advice).
I'm feeling the pain of not asking about allergens in a Chinese restaurant today.

Facial recognition technology stealing our feelings

I really loved do not track, and was happy to see Stealing Ur Feelings.
Stealing Ur Feelings is an augmented reality experience that reveals how your favorite apps can use facial emotion recognition technology to make decisions about your life, promote inequalities, and even destabilize American democracy. Using the AI techniques described in corporate patents, Stealing Ur Fee


I swear is getting better and odder every episode
S01E04 • If You Don't Like My Story, Write Your Own

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Looking for flexible, affordable desk space in a Bristol Harbourside location? @wshed@twitter.com has some desk spaces to rent in Studio 5, our open plan work space for creative companies. Come join our community -watershed.co.uk/desk-space-to-

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Could a hybrid smartwatch be a replacement for the pebble?

I was reading about the Fossil hybrid HR smartwatch recently, and on the face of it (pun intended) it looks like a good smartwatch with all the features I would be after to replace my pebble smartwatch.

What's the difference between a hybrid smartwatch and a regular smartwatch? In the hybrid category, Fossil's Hybrid HR mixes physi


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