I have 2 tickets for the sold out, Dystopia 987 on the evening of Friday 19th July.

Get in touch if you want to buy them at face value of £35/ticket.

Facebook’s FTC fine will be $5 billion—or one month’s worth of revenue

Fine will settle privacy investigation triggered by Cambridge Analytica scandal.


Both lifts are now out in @Islingtonwharf@twitter.com!
20 floors of climbing for residents while Otis waits for parts over the last 2 weeks.😓

At future myths

Why is it so difficult to talk about race in the workplace?

I ask the question... Why is it so difficult to talk about, and include race in the diversity and inclusion agenda?

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🎧 ¡Nuevo de !

Escucha a @cubicgarden@twitter.com, Marjorie Netange, @CarlosJOchoaFer@twitter.com, @PTR_imascono@twitter.com y @g0nch0@twitter.com hablar sobre educación y tecnología.



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at was amazing!
If you are in go check it out for a hour or so.
Here's some of my best photos, might go back with my DSLR soon

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Good decision by @MarriottIntl@twitter.com here. Kudos to them.

You can’t expect families to love your brand if you’re responsible for detaining them. twitter.com/sanctuarydmv/statu

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Just had the most amazing convo with my friend Anamita about and at the @instagram@twitter.com lounge at .

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UK watchdog (ICO) plans to fine Marriott £99m a few days after British Airways £183m


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Ethnic minority pay gap in UK still stubbornly wide


“Having made significant progress on shining a light on gender pay gaps within firms though equal pay audits, the government should… mastodon.cloud/@cubicgarden/10

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Dada says you might have a problem. A nice tool to understand the unique fingerprint of your home and when something different. cubicgarden.com/2019/07/11/dad

Dada says there might be a problem?

Following on from the great work being done by the databox project team which recently appeared in BBC News, about the work (BBC R&D) have done with it including the living room of the future and BBC Box project. I was impressed to learn about the Dada wiki.
The Defense Against the Dark Artefacts (DADA) project is a collaboration between the Universities of Cambridge, Nottingham


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