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Ian Forrester @[email protected]

Amazing just did a min-lecture about over appear.in based on my slides from . slideshare.net/cubicgarden/afr
Such great questions and interesting view points from a very connected audience.
Thanks @[email protected] for the invite.

Thoughts ?
@[email protected]
First Evidence That Online Dating Is Changing the Nature of Society - MIT Technology Review - technologyreview.com/s/609091/

Ref: arxiv.org/abs/1709.10478 : The Strength of Absent Ties: Social Integration via Online Dating

Feeling bit crap about our biology and how we seem to be trapped by our genes :/
Thanks @[email protected] :)

At another funzing event...
The science of dating success with @[email protected]

Thoughts on living a conscious life.
What is it, what does it mean, etc...
Thanks to @[email protected] @[email protected] and others cubicgarden.com/2018/02/20/liv

community. Really would like to see a Micropub client for Gratitude logging and also a Mastodon poster similar to the twitter one.
Feel like I could (maybe) rewrite previous open code to do some of this :)

Latest news from @[email protected] indicates it might be a clean sweep with the last 2 sets being 25-11 and 25-13. Top of the greater Manchester local league is calling?

Good fortune to @[email protected] today who have the opportunity to top the greater Manchester volleyball league today. Wishing I could be there to play and savor the win

Does this have to be said? Do they really care?

Spotify, Netflix & Tinder need to stop being creepy with customer data! wired.co.uk/article/spotify-ti

The full @[email protected] interview with me is now up for people to read.
It's long but there are some good parts to it, honestly! 😀
Wow we covered a lot, massive credit to the editors storyengine.io/stories/web-lit

From CrossCountry trains...

"Thank you for the delay repay claim for your journey between Manchester and Bristol on 24 December 2017. We are very sorry, I have validated your delay on this occasion as being over 2 hours"

Here's all your money back...

This is a podcast well worth your attention - going dark by @[email protected] tomorrows world

Valentines day...?
Had enough already, lets burn it all down together tomorrow at @[email protected] Join 120+ others as we discuss the future of dating in a post valentines take down, together! :D

If you call the last hope of humanity The Cloverfield Paradox.
You know we're all screwed 😀 (imdb.com/title/tt2548396)