Tupperware Hit by Card Skimmer Attack

Malicious code was found hidden inside graphics files on the storage container maker's e-commerce website.


Torrent Traffic Surpasses Netflix in Europe, Middle East and Africa *


Canadian broadband management company Sandvine has published a new Internet traffic report, zooming in on changes that took place during the Covid-19 pandemic. This reveals some interesting geographical changes. Torrent traffic lost relative market share in some places, but in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, it grew and surpassed Netflix.

eBay port scans visitors' computers for remote access programs

When visiting the eBay.com site, a script will run that performs a local port scan of your computer to detect remote support and remote management applications.


How does this happen?


I would suggest the lack of diversity and inclusion throughout the company could be an indicator.
An inclusive company would have had people empowered to say something much earlier on!

Uhhhh oh!


Joe Rogan, comedian and host of one of the most popular podcasts in the world, is taking his show to Spotify. The Joe Rogan Experience will soon become a Spotify exclusive,

EasyJet admits data of nine million hacked
Email addresses and travel details had been stolen and that 2,208 customers had also had their credit card details "accessed".

Inkscape 1.0 is Finally Here With Tons of Feature Improvements

The best free and open source vector editor Inkscape just became better with the release of version 1.0. Check out the new features and installation instruction.


Seeking graphic designers for Doughnut Economics…

At Doughnut Economics Action Lab (DEAL), our small team will be continually making presentations, publishing reports, creating videos, running workshops, and turning new concepts into icons and dia…


Facebook will pay $52 million in settlement with moderators who developed PTSD on the job
Current and former moderators will all be paid a minimum of $1,000


Vitamin D Determines Severity in COVID-19: Researchers Urge Government to Change Advice


Whereas there are currently no results from randomized controlled trials to conclusively prove that vitamin D beneficially affects COVID-19 outcomes, there is strong circumstantial evidence of associations between vitamin D and the severity of COVID-19 

After Screaming About Discrimination, Ex-Google Engineer James Damore Silently Asks Court to Dismiss Lawsuit

Google hasn’t said anything publicly about the dismissal yet.


Airbnb slump means Europe's cities can return to residents, say officials

Cities like Barcelona want to use crisis to allow people to rent properties at decent rates


Tenet is now Hollywood’s litmus test for what happens next

Christopher Nolan’s Tenet is Warner Bros. big bet on summer blockbuster season happening


Thinking every other row with seating 3 apart might be possible, except when you need a toilet break!

Houseparty finally replied to my GDPR request.
Had to write to Houseparty support and lifeonair before anything happened. To be honest they breached their GDPR reply period by almost 12 days

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