Going to Venice soon, any things I should do in the short amount of time I got there?

Woman behind petition to revoke article 50 receives death threats

Online petition sparks conspiracy theories on both sides of the debate


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The final vote on the EU is happening THIS WEEK!

Dozens of MEPs are undecided on how to vote on the EU's disastrous . Here's how to call them now, and how to tell them to delete and ! saveyourinternet.eu

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Talent is universal, but opportunity is not

I do love the story of Tanitoluwa Adewumi and the New York times has it right on the button - Talent is universal, but opportunity is not.
In a homeless shelter in Manhattan, an 8-year-old boy is walking to his room, carrying an awkward load in his arms, unfazed by screams from a troubled resident. The boy is a Nigerian refugee with an uncertain future, but he is


Put on your own @Moon50Festival@twitter.com event!
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Put on your own Moon Festival event?

I'm still very excited to be a digital adviser on the Moon Festival for all reasons I mentioned in my previous blog and so much more.

One of the things I suggested for the Festival was the ability to run it in different locations. It made sense to me, as it is the moon and such a momentous date in history can't be limited to London alone. Of course London is a great place to


Poor rich America, the first nation?

I was reading why America is the World’s First Poor Rich Country by Umair and was pretty much agreeing with everything he wrote.

The crux of his blog is about the basics of life which you need to pay for in America.

In Europe, Canada, and even Australia, society invests in all these things — and the costs of basic necessities societies don’t provide are regulated


Looking forward to trying the franceschi as my previous experience was wonderful
Thanks @cocoarunners except you for got the information sheet again?

Millions of Facebook passwords exposed internally

Developers working for Facebook logged the passwords in plain text as they wrote code for the site.


Shows how much they care about security and privacy ☹️

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Do you know about Article 13? It's a proposed EU copyright rule that forces platforms to police all uploads just to be safe. You can help stop this from becoming reality. Find out how at fixcopyright.wikimedia.org

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We need a PBS for the Internet age

Its quite amazing to read this opinion piece in the Washington Post recently... (if you like me are reading it in Europe, you might want to try this one)
Some bits I found amazing to read, especially since the united states's public broadcast networks are so crippled. This says it all..

Americans like public media. NPR still consistently ranks among the most trusted news sou


Ep. 124 “Don’t Know Much About History” – Live from the Greene Space with Roger McNamee –


Roger will be talking about his mentorship of Mark Zuckerberg and what went wrong. Was it naive idealism? The imperatives of growth-driven capitalism? Greed? Rushkoff and McNamee look at how things have derailed and what must be done to reclaim the driver’s seat for technologies run amok.

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