After making fun of wagamamas allergy notes yesterday (AA = Against advice).
I'm feeling the pain of not asking about allergens in a Chinese restaurant today.

Facial recognition technology stealing our feelings

I really loved do not track, and was happy to see Stealing Ur Feelings.
Stealing Ur Feelings is an augmented reality experience that reveals how your favorite apps can use facial emotion recognition technology to make decisions about your life, promote inequalities, and even destabilize American democracy. Using the AI techniques described in corporate patents, Stealing Ur Fee

I swear is getting better and odder every episode
S01E04 • If You Don't Like My Story, Write Your Own


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Could a hybrid smartwatch be a replacement for the pebble?

I was reading about the Fossil hybrid HR smartwatch recently, and on the face of it (pun intended) it looks like a good smartwatch with all the features I would be after to replace my pebble smartwatch.

What's the difference between a hybrid smartwatch and a regular smartwatch? In the hybrid category, Fossil's Hybrid HR mixes physi

Mozfest10: A sad moment for the last Mozfest in the UK

There was a point while DJing at the last Mozilla festival in the UK, when I looked up and it hit me.

There will be no more going to Ravensbourne. A place with a million stairs and incredible spaces. Its also my previous university so I always bump into someone I knew. On top of that its just down the road from the last place I lived i

Imagine being able to work on a passion project for a year without having to worry about finances.

This is a dream, I can find another job but I can't buy the support and progress that Pixelfed has!

Y'all mean a lot to me, and together we will build a better photo sharing alternative ❤️

Why Twitter's rival Mastodon was trending in India

It comes amid criticism of what some say is Twitter's "highly inconsistent" stand on hate speech.

Is your face giving you away? and other companies could be watching you back and stealing your feelings. Learn more and sign the petition from

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