Version 4.7.16 of CTB Recorder is now available.


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Some of the Bongacams' models can not be recorded.
The log says:

Precondition not met to record [modelname]: [modelname]'s room is not public.

For example: bestblondie, nicolmoon3, lilcharm, samaraa01, wendybutler, ladyynika, -lovely, homegirl, sweet1peach, sexyvioleta.

Can anybody check and confirm?

@mdusr good day i know few days how take pvt from imlive cams without a sofware i saw this page cuz a friend told me aboutr this page , someone know if this sofaware can help me take pvt from imlive and others camsites

@ctbrec In the last few days I've been having problems with the connection, the live on the website runs normally in the highest quality, but in the program it drops constantly, in this last live from cherrycrush, it didn't download in total almost 20 minutes of the show, it kept dropping and coming back all the time (this has also happened on myfreecams, but today thank god it was normal). Any tips to fix it?

@ctbrec The recorded files not show thumbnails + can't play direct , when it uploaded to telegram (telegram only shows in mp4 format), is there any solution?

@ctbrec does the app work for models that have my region or country blocked on chaturbate ? or do I have to use a VPN with it ?

@ctbrec Hi, thanks for your great job. At some models have the option to select the video resolution. Maybe you can include the resolution option for amateur?


CB connection and login so far so good w this new version.

I do have a request though: the portrait feature under the recording tab doesn't add anything useful IMO. When the list is long it makes it harder to locate the model I'm looking for by name, so my suggestion is to have the option for a compact mode that looks like earlier versions (no portrait thumbnails).

The screen grabs under each service are enough and the newer recording tab section is now too busy and spread out.

@karlj @ctbrec
This is already possible for a quite a while.
Just click on the + icon in the top right corner of the recording tab and deselect Portrait.

@CookieM0nster @ctbrec thanks! Not surprised it was already possible, just never noticed that + button and those options.

@ctbrec please make it possible for ctbrec to support os dpi scaling, the setting doesn't work on the exe because after it launches it creates another version of itself that doesn't have the shortcut compatibility settings on it.

@ctbrec please can you help me, i'm getting

"An error occurred while starting the application"

a dialog box shows up with an 'ok' button to click

How can I fix this?

@ctbrec When i first downloaded the program and started recording a stream it used to record even if that model was on break it even recorded privates that model had on other sites did not record for the site i went in on but other sites it did. However now once she goes private or break it stops recording but on the recording tab shows its still recording. I was wondering could a setting have been changed that changed how the program records the room. The site in mention is f4f.

@ctbrec Not sure if it's just me but feels like I'm getting more segment download errors on cb and mfc lately, mfc in particular. Seems like 720p streams behave better than 1080p streams, though that could be just a coincidence.

@ctbrec livejasmin doesn't work. It displays recording but no file is created

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