Version 4.7.15 of CTB Recorder is now available.


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@ctbrec Does this address the auth issue with cb? The window that pops up seems to do nothing and providing no credentials also solves nothing. A "nothing to see" window shows despite using a real account or no account

@ctbrec after this update it doesn't record any more live, not even going back to previous versions

@ctbrec an error occurred while starting this application, .log files don't contain the word error though

@ctbrec going back to 4.7.12 the startup error that's vague goes away.

although 4.7.12 doesn't report 502 model online status errors to the log, it's been working "fine" so I'll just keep using it I guess.

@ctbrec I received an error message when attempting to playback streams under the CB tab. This is the error message I get.

"Error" "Playback failed

Couldn't start playback stream was reset: INTERNAL_ERROR"

The error (above) only affects CB. I was using version 4.7.13 until today and switched to 4.7.15. This does not get rid of the issue. Log files reveals nothing. 😭

@ctbrec Chaturbate streams fail to record and others end abruptly. Changing IP addresses does nothing to change things.

@GROOT @ctbrec I tried going back to 4.7.12 to fix this issue but while the logging errors were reduced the failed recordings were the same, the update just has been error messages i guess.

tl;dr I think chaturbate is doing something on their end, and I shouldn't have 100s of models loaded on my list, I needa prune my list to true favorites I guess

@left1000 @ctbrec I've pruned my list which I didn't need to but thought it would do the trick then. Turns out it was an error on CB's end, like you said. I had 1300 URLs at one stage and removed dead accounts which the app can do for you just by clicking "Check URL" under the "Recording" tab. This had removed 700 plus dead URLs. But the number quickly crept up again.

@ctbrec what's everyone's favorite chaturbate time request delay in ms? I've bumped mine up to 2300 but I have no idea what I'm doing with that setting.

@ctbrec can anyone else not record chaturbate models. all it says is stream was reset, i've tried older versions and its the same thing it was working yesterday

@ctbrec if i set do not check online status of paused models would having 1000paused models be what's making chaturbate work poorly?

how does pausing a model compare to using the record later option? same either way?

also how do I turn off max resolution rather than setting it to 8k?

pruning my model list from 1000 to 100, exporting my model list, deleting my settings folder, importing the 100 chaturbate is now working, guess after like 2or3 years my settings folder needed a fresh start?

@ctbrec side note moving 100s of models to record later, then exporting the model list, then deleting my settings, then importing the model list, fails to remember which models were set to record later and which weren't

@ctbrec still getting this java crash program close.

it always happens on my ctbrec with 1000 models added (most paused)

not my ctbrec with 300 models added (most paused)

I run them both but they target different sites so overlap shouldn't matter much.

I guess it's a general java error but still be nice if it were fixed, in 2020 ctbrec didn't have this issue...

@Crookhorne @ctbrec I'm seeing this too. Quite a number of models online and no recording. Wish I could send logs. I'm not seeing errors for BC.

@Crookhorne @ctbrec did u found a solution ? i see models online too and no recordings.

@janch69 @ctbrec ctbrec-minimal-browser tries to start when opening the tab with models and it can't open. Let the dev look into that. Those clowns limit the time you can view models so they'd limit the rest too

@Crookhorne @ctbrec for me it opens at start but it still doesnt record

@ctbrec @ctbrec I downloaded 4.7.15 and then added one single CB model, but I couldn't seem to get it to record. I only have one model on my list and it never checks to see if they are online. They usually broadcast while I am not home, so I can't manually tell ctbrec to record. I am using a laptop that is hardwired to my router. Are there any settings I need to change?

@mikesong @ctbrec Chaturbate works fine for me (account there), Bongacams stopped since 2 days (no account)

@Georgie_1966 @ctbrec Chaturbate works fine for me too. It’s just this one particular model that won’t record. It records other models without any problems.

@ctbrec did anybody found a solution how to record bongacams models again ? its not working for 3 days now.

@ctbrec It's a great product. But what's blocking to implement LJ recordings again? (of course LJ changes, but maybe you lack time &money to investigate?)

@ctbrec hello pls tell how to change recording url of stripchat to where it this url to search and record models pls ty

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