Version 4.7.13 of CTB Recorder is now available.


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Thank you for your excellent work! Do you know if MFC video stuttering issue(for very short segments like 3 seconds) is resolved in the new release?

@eNTRUSiON There has been no changes regarding HLS recordings. If you see stuttering for MFC and not for other sites, it most probably is a problem with MFC.

@ctbrec @eNTRUSiON

I can record a MFC stream that is "chunking" in CTBREC no problems with a media player.

@mrwhite @ctbrec @eNTRUSiON same for me. I'm sure it's something on MFCs side but I only see the stuttery video on ctbrec recordings, when opening the livestream in VLC (from ctbrec) it looks fine but it does have artifacting at times. For affected streams I'm seeing them drop regularly but not consistently at under 100MB, and I can make it worse by saturating my network. I didn't see this previously but it could just be that MFC has changed their HLS implementation to be less fault-tolerant.

@ctbrec I am having issues with some of the Flirt4Free pages not loading in the player when the model is active. Also, I cannot record these models either. Thanks.

Thank you for this great software!
I'm running it on Ubuntu 22.04 (hardened kernel)... and I really can't login to

Chaturbate (ChaturbateSiteUi [] Automatic login failed Bad selector. No element selected by input[name=csrfmiddlewaretoken]),

StripChat ([] Auto-Login failed: 400)

CamSoda (Captcha)...

@ctbrec Do you have an idea already how to have CTBrec function again for LiveJasmin?

@ctbrec, BongaCams is not fixed. The new registered models can not be recorded - "room is not public".

@ctbrec latest version breaks chaturbate. A infinite loop of a window opening and closing even if you have a login or no login creds provided. cb dosent work even if you log in it just shows "nothing here" window

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