Version 4.7.12 of CTB Recorder is now available.


To support me a little bit, use RapidGator:

Otherwise use MediaFire:


Support me:
Bitcoin: 15sLWZon8diPqAX4UdPQU1DcaPuvZs2GgA
Ether: 0x996041638eEAE7E31f39Ef6e82068d69bA7C090e

@ctbrec I'm using the docker image, how can I setup the login credentials for different sites?

another thing i couldn't figure out is why the split by bytes function not working, does it require a Split Strategy? and if so what is the value for that?

and is it possible to use bind mounts to write to the host machine?

Thanks for the software btw, just found out about it and i love it

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