Version 4.7.11 of CTB Recorder is now available.


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@ctbrec Hey man, tks for everything you have done.
I wanted to mention an error I had today, I was downloading mira_xo stream, then she decided to change her nick on mfc and also changed the resolution of the stream from HD to FullHD (I leave it set to download in the best quality). When she return the program stopped downloading, but, when I hovered the mouse over the program window, it appeared that the stream was in the download queue, but was stuck at 0kb.

@ctbrec really good app! I'm really amazed with it!
Can you add an option to "record until" window to "record until next split"?
How priority works? Bigger number is high priority or lower number have more priority?

@ctbrec 100% my fault, but I tried to shut down ctbrec with a full hard drive. Although given ctbrec's use case I'm surprised it took years for me to make this mistake.

An error happened, couldn't save settings. I cleared hard drive space. I opened ctbrec. It tried to load a 0 byte settings file. failed. reset to default settings.

My last backup of my settings file was july.

Solution? create a backup of the settings file every time anyone starts ctbrec. Never happens again.

@left1000 did you check the roaming folder for older versions to retrieve previous settings? Look in %appdata%\ctbrec\4.7.10 for example.

I agree a settings backup upon startup would be good though!

@ctbrec Hi. is it possible to record chaturbate from the site Or make a choice in the menu from which source to record?

@ctbrec Love this app! recently noticed that the same model is camming from multiple cam sites under the same name. Is it possible to include the site address in the file extension?

@v4p0r You can use a post-processing step to rename the recording

@ctbrec, bongacams does not work. "Room is not public" for some models.

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