Version 4.7.10 of CTB Recorder is now available.


To support me a little bit, use RapidGator:

Otherwise use MediaFire:


Support me:
Bitcoin: 15sLWZon8diPqAX4UdPQU1DcaPuvZs2GgA
Ether: 0x996041638eEAE7E31f39Ef6e82068d69bA7C090e

@ctbrec Hi,

Could you please add url put option in stripchat tab like chaturbate.


@ctbrec do you think it could be deployed on docker?

@ctbrec Hi! Thanks for this wonderful piece of software!
I have an issue with some cam4 streams: I see the file size increasing while recording, but then the post processing phase takes a while and results in a file of just a few MBs worth of video. Am I doing something wrong? Some other channels work fine.


@ctbrec How to solve the problem when many MyFreeCams models are recorded at the same time and the recording is interrupted every 2-5 minutes?
This problem has been around for several months.

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