Version 4.7.9 of CTB Recorder is now available.


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@ctbrec hello i just moved to win10 from win7. how to copy data of models and recording from win7 to win10 so i wont need to add all kittens again :P ty

2. also request u to please make stripchat url as:

Two options:
1. Use the export / import buttons in the recording tab
2. Open the help section to find out, where the configuration is stored. Copy that directory to the same location on win10. This has the advantage, that the complete configuration is copied and not only the models

@ctbrec I just wanted to share an idea that might solve the issue with livejasmin. appears to be a mirror site that works the same way livejasmin used to. I've tested fapster streams on Tubedigger and they seem to work just fine. Might be worth looking into. Thanks for everything you do btw

@Toad42 That site is malicious. My internet went down when I opened it.

@ctbrec Small feature request for the right click menu for MFC, could the "open in browser" link go to the stream page instead of the profile page? Or perhaps have both entries in the right click menu? MFC model pages are often a mess because they allow custom css, so trying to go to the livestream page from ctbrec is a pain in the ass sometimes because of the profile situation. Not sure if any of the other sites have similar profile and stream page separation that would also benefit.

@ctbrec very rarely ctbrec decides to just close on it's own for no reason i can find, while i am afk, been going on for most of this year, cannot pinpoint why

maybe I'm just failing to remember why it's closing though, because the log file indicates a proper shutdown, so maybe i'm losing my mind, but hey, maybe you can see something in the log that i can't

@ctbrec good morning, I use Win10 and I would like to start the program directly in the system tray. Is it possible? Thanks

@ctbrec When I open ctbrec I receive the following error message: couldn't initialize recorder: input length = 1

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Mike Song

@ctbrec stripchat/xhl no longer working for me. models either time out with error 500 or just record lots of 6 second chunks

@ctbrec i can't record some cam4 streams. The program doesn't show some models online and never start to record
Is any problem with the last update?

@mikepec @ctbrec I have noticed this for several weeks. There are 2 different problems. I think CTBREC needs to be updated to match c4 changes.

It is easiest to explain by looking at the attached image.

@mikepec @ctbrec

The second problem with 'some' cam4 streams not recording is because cam4 recently enabled a new 'VIEWER' only broadcast mode (in addition to the normal regular broadcast mode).

When a model chooses the 'VIEWER' only mode for their broadcast, the cam thumbnail does not appear on the index page and CTBREC cannot detect the stream.

However, I have been able to manually record the 'VIEWER' only cams in another program IF I already have that model in my favourites. continued

@mikepec @ctbrec
...continued from previous post

I have been able to manually record 'Viewer' only cams by opening the hidden stream from the favorites section. I need to use the 'Inspect' feature of the browser to get the stream code of the hidden cam, but then I can paste the stream code into a separate recording program and record the 'Viewer' only feed (even though it is hidden). This is why I think it might work in CTBREC if the Favorites section code is queried.

@ctbrec stripchat stopped working. 😭 edit: only on some models, the majority still working, very weird.

@ctbrec There are several cam4 streams which cannot be recorded. The model image has the recording icon, but when double clicking on them, a dialog pops up saying that it's offline. They also not show as recording on the "Recording" tab.

Any suggestions?

@ctbrec I had a problem with this stream specifically today (just this stream and just today), it was normal from the other times. Entering through the browser the stream was running smoothly, and with a chinese software it was downloading normally too.
Any tips on how to resolve it?

@ctbrec I also tried with version 4.8, and the problem remains

@ctbrec I believe it was an occasional bug, at some point she restarted the stream and ctbrec went back to downloading normally

@ctbrec I just found and downloaded this app on my mac. After some messing around and learning I tried to change my "open in player" App to quicktime. Then I went to change it back to VLC which I went threw the folder threw CTBrec and did it that way to get the path correct, but im now getting "Couldn't start playback Cannot run program
"Applications/".error=13 Permission Denied.
I am the only user and owner of this computer. It did work before I changed it. I also tried reinstalling

@evanjd14 Go to the help section, look up where the configuration files exist and delete that directory to reset the configuration.

@ctbrec I appreciate you taking the time out to help me with this. Deleting the file did reset the VLC location. Oddly enough the location is now "/Applications/" I would have never thought to view the contents of the app like this. (it works now)
My other issue was somehow my timeout settings got changed, but it's all working now. You've made an incredible app I really do appreciate this contribution. This app has made my life drastically easier!

@ctbrec It was working since september. Now im getting "Error while updating Bad selector. No element selected by input[name=csrfmiddlewaretoken]"
I deleted the config file "settings.json" and chaturbates cookies file. Tried to relog in a bunch. Im also using a VPN and tried to change the state and country but nothing. And yeah tried restarting lol.I cant log into my chaturbate account in the application (The Main Problem)

@ctbrec I have had a problem, I can't record a model, and all the time appeared the message " this room is not public, but the room is public! can you help me to solve this problem?

@ctbrec Now I can't record any streams on chaturbate. I add streams (people) to the recording list, itll show their online with the red recording dot, but on the bottom left it'll say recording 0/11. Tried restarting the application and nothing. Was working fine before. Even bought a VPN and still nothing. Please help, this app was perfect when it worked for me before.

@ctbrec Hi. The CTB window is flickering and changing to black window if I try to use from Wayland with Nvidia. Do you know some way to avoid this? Thanks

@GualterioMalatesta nope, no idea. You could run the server as a workaround.

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