Version 4.7.8 of CTB Recorder is now available.


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@ctbrec Thanks for fixing stripchat play and recording, but 'Follow' still doesn't work.

@younggeorge I had the same problem, but I could fix it without any code change. Go to settings and delete the cookies for Stripchat, then open the followed tab. Restart ctbrec and it should work again. It's definitely related to the cookies.

@ctbrec I did that and it still didn't work at first, but it does now! Thanks

Awesome software !!! Can we get trans tab for cam4???

@ctbrec Please add URL option. some region is blocked. alternative url are working.

@ctbrec Yes. but this url is also not working.
also few others adress working.

@ctbrec Hi, i have an issue with the software, don't know where to ask. I used it during fews weeks without issue, but since fews days, the auto recorder stopped to work. I checked the help about "Leave space on device, "Maximum resolution" and "Concurrent recordings", all is fine, so i don't find where the issue comes from. Maybe you can help me with it. The software find the models online without issue but don't start the record. I have to pause and unpause the model to start recording.

@leroideschiens Which version, which site? Did you check the log for any hints?

@ctbrec How do we get the key for HMAC configuration?

Running the server on linux, and the running output doesn't display any key to enable web authentication.

@ctbrec hello ty for this wonderful software :) 1. i request to u pls make stripchat site url as to record and look models from the original urs is banned in India. thats why getting error: updating connection reset.

2. From TS file format will it be possible to store in mp4 its more easy to seek video in vlc with it. TS there is lag. and too many files to convert manually to TS from MP4. ty :)

@pinkpanther1001 1. I can probably do that in a future version. Did you try the xhamsterlive option?
2. Use the post-processing for that. Check the help section.

@ctbrec hi xhamsterlive URL is also banned here. only works.


Issue with chaturbate. Model online and can view but this error is generated in the log and the model does not record. Model name has been replaced correct model shows in log.

2022-06-23 17:55:55,798 ERROR [Download 2b8f243c] c.r.d.h.AbstractHlsDownload [] Couldn't download segment for model {model name redacted}
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Expected URL scheme 'http' or 'https' but no colon was found
{further log output removed}

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