Version 4.7.5 of CTB Recorder is now available.


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@ctbrec Is there any known explanation for why large files do not complete? This usually happens to me around the 7+gb in size. It's not related to resolution or length of recording, but I've thought it was related to saving files as MP4 and ffmpeg failing to close out the file (perhaps lack of space or memory?) or something. I recently set files to save as FLV, but my latest recording was just over 9gb and still failed. I don't know that ctbrec has ever completed a file this size for me.

@ctbrec Never had issue when manually using rtmpdump or rtmphelp64, regularly completing recordings over 10gb. Obviously always losing the best recordings now!! :'(

@ctbrec Hi. Just wondering if getting a lot of "Online check didn't finish after 2000ms for model" debug log entries is normal? I'm not really sure what the timeout mentioned in the changelog means, and I think I wasn't seeing these messages at all before because log level hadn't been increased. I'm using the standard values for "check online state every (seconds)" (60) and "time between requests (ms)" (1000) for CB. Recording 26 models (not at the same time, obviously, most was 3 concurrent)

@ctbrec I actually had "check online state every" set differently on 4.7.4 (to 10s) but I noticed that was getting me a lot of 429 responses once I updated. Maybe those 429s were already happening but I just wasn't aware/seeing those entries before because log level hadn't been increased yet? I noticed if I set "check online state" to 10 and "time between requests" to 10s, I stop getting 429s. What values should I be using if I want to be checking as often as possible, while avoiding timeouts?

@ctbrec Hi. I saw the release log which addresses the timeouts issue. Not all that technical minded, but is it related to failed captures of live shows when a performer appears or reappears online? I am hopeful it finally this puts an end to failed captures, accross the board (no one site issue) and avoid further heartbreak. Having to rely on recurbate for failed CB captures has been a pain. But that's just the CB that is covered, partially and not mfc and all the rest.....

@ctbrec But you know what dude, we all love and appreciate what you're doing bringing this app to us and enabling us to record our favourite cam stars. Legend.

@ctbrec ALL recordings are starting late. Missing 20 minutes to an hour from the beginning of the show. Not good. Note good at all.

@ctbrec is there an issue with CB at the moment?
as I updated, i can't login anymore from CTBREC. Error: Error while updating Bad Selector. No element selected by input[name=csrfmiddlewaretoken].
Using OPENJDK 64Bit Server 17.0.1 on Ubuntu.
Unsupported JavaFX
May you are able to help?
PS: cache cleared, de- and reinstalled, rw in folder is correct.

KR polarbear from germany

@ctbrec Thanks for all the great work! CTBrec really is some refined piece of SW! I have one issue at the moment: LiveJasmin stream resolutions are not recognized. Making it not possible to record LiveJasmin streams. How to solve this?

@ctbrec Thanks for this great tools.

Could you please add URL put option in stripchat tab like chaturbate tab.

It will be great helpfull.

@ctbrec Great tool! I appreciate you developing it, it works flawless.
But currently there is an issue with LJ not recognizing the resolution, so it can record but never creates files.

@ctbrec Thanks so much for this wonderful application. Right now, all recording on LiveJasmin seems to be broken. Is this true for anyone else?

@ctbrec Kindly update this ctb recorder app with stripchat base url since is blocked in several areas

@ctbrec In the past, stripchat 'Girls' screen showed Followed models first, but it's been random for the past month or so. The 'Followed' tab still shows online models first, but it only has profile thumbnails, not live previews. Is there any way round either of these or is it down to Stripchat's organisation, rather than your coding?

@ctbrec Now the 'Girls' tabs on Stripchat don't show any images at all!

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