Version 4.7.4 of CTB Recorder is now available.


To support me a little bit, use RapidGator:

Otherwise use MediaFire:


Support me:
Bitcoin: 15sLWZon8diPqAX4UdPQU1DcaPuvZs2GgA
Ether: 0x996041638eEAE7E31f39Ef6e82068d69bA7C090e

@ctbrec hey, thanks again for a great app! do you think it's possible to add functionality for sexlikereal vr cams? the models usually broadcast on stripchat at the same time but SLR vids are served via dreamcamtrue. thanks!


Thank you for your work but I have to say that the amateurTV recordings are not made with the sound track. If i convert the ts video with VLC then I have sound but displaced.

Thanks again!

@ctbrec any chance you can add support for liveunicorns?

@ctbrec hi, is there a way to create a "playlist", in order to record many cams at once without having to manually choose them one by one?

@mildlykinky0 The only way I can think of is generating an import file. Have a look at the export / import function on the recorded models tab.

@ctbrec i have installed the unified server on a windows server 2019. when i open the webinterface i get the notification "could not get HMAC" and in the console i got the message:
Unexpected error TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'sigBytes')
at new init (hmac-sha256.js:17:178)

did i do something wrong or is this a know issue ? The webinterface is working but i don't get the authentication to work properly

@ctbrec @ctbrec Some model pages at LiveJasmin are not recording to their highest available resolution (720p afaik). They recently released an update to the site, so I'm wondering if that's causing issues with the program 🤔

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